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Crossroads. That explains you and I . The mysterious man behind the dark rimmed glasses and top hat.

I was nothing but a child, barely the age of eleven. You captured my attention: man dressing in an evening top coat and bowler hat, your face hidden behind the rim.

I ran away from home that day. My parents were screaming about how I was a mistake.

I didn't care. This life was pointless anyways.

I saw you on the train at first. The shadows seemed to swarm around you. That's what dragged my attention towards you. You stayed in the shadows, yet you managed to steal all of my concentration.

I followed you. I knew it was wrong, but I still followed you. My mommy always told me not to talk to strangers, but she never mentioned following one.

Silly mommy. She should have covered all grounds.

I followed you to an abandoned warehouse. You didn't even pause in the doorway as your body was draped in the darkness of the large building. Any sane person would have realized the danger in the situation and fled, but not me. I considered the fear and trembling a comfort. I was still alive. Oh the irony of that statement.

The warehouse was huge, filled with windows glowing with the late afternoon sun peaking through the thunder clouds.

I walked into the darkness until I met light shining from the windows making a path that intersected the darkness.

I waited. Because I knew I should. I suddenly heard footsteps and felt the need to run. I didn't though. Something held me in place. The footsteps were calm, yet foreboding. Each footstep pounded into my ears. They grew louder and louder as the steps came closer to me.

And then there you were. Mr. bowler-hat man. Except this time you were different. I couldn't see any features on you. Just a mere shadow that had righted itself and walked it's path in front of me. I stared in disbelief as it...you...turned your head, at least that's what I thought you did, you being a shadow and all. Towards me.

I felt like I was going to throw up. This was scary. Your eyes were closed. At least I couldn't see any eyes where they should be. Yet you turned your shadowed head of a silhouette towards me. I saw the the sides of your face change shape. A shape that I could easily recognize.

You were smiling at me, weren't you? Why were you smiling at me?

I wanted to voice my question but my mouth wouldn't move. I just watched as shadow-you walked by, the pounding noise from the footsteps fading. Then the footsteps couldn't be heard at all. They just stopped. It wasn't a slow fade. After you walked into the darkness the sound of the footsteps ceased. The urgency to move overwhelmed me, screaming at me to run. But my mind and body thought two different things. Instead of escaping, my feet continued to trek onwards through the light path and back into the darkness.

I stopped at the second light path, waiting. The footsteps sounded again, this time moving a bit faster than before. The pounding crashed through my body as the footsteps increased in volume and urgency. You appeared into the light, looking different from before. You were more defined than the shadow of what you were. You turned full towards me this time, no hints and discrepancy in the movements.

You turned towards me and smiled. A full out grin. Your perfectly straight teeth were glowing in the darkness, like the crescent moon in a cloudless night. Teeth weren't supposed to glow like that. A person wasn't supposed to look like that.

The smile itself told me something was greatly wrong. It was filled of knowing as well as something deeper. Something nefarious. You didn't stop though you looked sorely tempted to. You just continued to walk into the darkness, your form disappearing, taking the footsteps with you yet again.

I walked faster, crossing the path of light and diving into the darkness again. I was ignoring it: the nagging feeling that told me to run, out of this warehouse and to my house, where my parents could tuck me into bed and tell me everything was alright. Hah. Like that would ever really happen.

Despite that, I couldn't stop. The pull was too strong. I had to know what was pulling me towards the end of this warehouse.

I walked faster, taking in a big gasp of air as I neared the third crossroads and hearing the even faster speed of footsteps. I closed my eyes, wishing it would be over, praying to god this was all a bad dream.

I opened them as the footsteps appeared closer, seeing your form. You were even more defined shape. I could see the outlines of your clothes as well as the now black jaggedly sharp teeth that protruded from your mouth as you turned towards me and laughed a silent laughed. I panicked as I turned towards my same road and ran. Towards the fourth and last path which led me towards the exit of the warehouse.

I stepped into the light of the final path and the world stopped. My ears. I couldn't hear anything. The silence was maddening, screaming inside of my head. I then realized that I also wasn't running anymore, but standing still.

Then you appeared. Standing right in front of me.

There weren't any footsteps, just you and me. But you were different from before. Before you were nothing but a shadow. Now you had shape. A shape that could be a villain in your most terrifying nightmares. I closed my eyes and felt being pushed forward until I heard a scream. I opened my eyes and saw them. Those eyes. These horrible black eyes the pierced through the darkness, wide and dangerous. They were accompanied by a high squeal and a laugh as they got closer to me. I cried, screaming desperately for someone to help me, but I couldn't hear anything but the silence and the laughing.

Those eyes. Those goddamn eyes. I cant get them out of my head. The smile. That smile filled with sharp jagged teeth dripping red. I closed my eyes while covering my ears and screamed. I couldn't hear them, but I could feel the strain on my throat. The only thing that stopped my silent screams was a voice, a deep scratchy voice, inside of my head.

"Didn't your mommy teach you not follow with strangers?"

My eyes shot open as the black eyes turned blood red before the mouth opened and charged at me. Then nothingness surrounded me.

It had been several years since then and my parents gave up investigating my disappearance, believing that I just ran away from home. Typical. My body is still lying on that dusty floor in the middle of that old abandoned warehouse, nothing but a skeleton now and stinking up the place. They haven't even batted an eye. Sure at first they panicked a bit and put up flyers as well as contacted the police, but that was all for show. It actually looks as if they are enjoying themselves, taking days off work so they can spend quality time together.

But I'm not angry. Hell, I'm not even bitter. I'm happy they are like this.

It'll make what happens tonight while they are asleep even more enjoyable.

I couldn't help but smile, my own teeth reminding me of razor blades. I reached up and took hold of the slimy hand held out beside me. I looked to the side, my own red eyes meeting those familiar piercing eyes surrounded by the shadowed form that I knew all too well.

"What time are you gonna do it, Mr. Bowler Hat man?" I could see the shine in his eyes as they stared at me.

"Around midnight."

I looked back towards my mother and father, siting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and laughing.

"Will it hurt them when they die?"

"Do you want it to?"

I could feel the grin spread completely across my face. "Yes"

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