A poem to the State of Minnesota:

These lines convey my love in sum and tota

Which state is best? For you I'd cast my vota

Ten thousand lakes? Now that's a lot of wota

Had you a cheek, I'd give you a xota (read: ks-ota)

Your own North Shore is where I would take yota

Twin Cities - love one as much as z-ota

Lake Superior is best with a bota

In winter-time I better have my cota

Were you my Pa, then I would be your dota

A thousand words (and more!) is worth your fota

There is no other state I'd want to gota

May may be cold but June, July are hota

Like coffee, you're my morning cup of jota

You're better than the N. or S. Dakota

To me, you're the best place by quite a lota

Without you, I'm a boat without a mota

There's nothing you could ask that I'd say nota

Deep in my heart these lines were pulled up ota

For silly rhymes, I think I've reached my quota

For you alone this poem I have (w)rota

My one, my only darling Minnesota!

TMK 9/10jul2009