I want to be drunk
at a party
where I don't know anyone
but you.
And you'll be drunk
too, more so than me.
And I will pretend
that I don't even notice
how much I am leaning
against you,
or how I keep touching your arm
when I talk.
You will notice
though. And you will throw caution
to the wind, and think,
"She is so into me,
and we are both drunk,
and maybe I will take this
And I will act surprised
when you kiss me,
a sloppy hopeful
peck on the lips,
and I will touch your face,
gently, and gaze
into your eyes.
And we will commence
making out
against our better judgments,
blaming the brews
for our lacking inhibitions.
We will declare our feelings
and expound upon our reservations,
and swear to do our best
to make this work,
despite the odds
against us.
We will say goodnight, and sneak
in one more kiss,
staring amorously at one another.
And we will see each other
the following day
at work,
and will avoid being
within 10 feet of ourselves.

We won't ever speak
of that night,
but we will both
be thinking of it, always.

TMK 19jul2009