Dear Readers & Fellow Authors,

Hello! It has certainly been a while, almost seven years in fact! In those years, I've gotten married and had two beautiful kids and I just couldn't find the time to write. Not only was time hard to find, but also the business of family and work took all of my creative energy! All that to say, I've rediscovered my stories, and with them, my memories of being a part of such an amazing reading and writing community.

So here is why I'm writing, I have recently decided to self publish one of my stories on Amazon Kindle. I am hoping to add more of them after I brush them off and blow off the dust (and edit and revise…) I started with Worth Waiting For, and was wondering if any of my wonderful past supporters would consider writing a review for it. Please don't buy it! If you can add a review without purchasing, perfect! And if you can't, I am able to throw one more free day sale according to my contract, so if you're interested, and able, let me know and I will make it free for you to download and let you know the date it will be available!

I have always appreciated the amount of time you spent reading the worlds I dreamed up. Even so many years later, the memories of your acceptance and praise give me confidence, so thank you.

If you have the time, you can find Worth Waiting For on Amazon, author name Colleen Jaymes. And please know, I will most definitely return the favor if any of you ever need it!

Happy Reading!