These days oddly enough, a charming, lovely girl I know (me) is nearly beginning to look like a baby Yeti. When suggested to get a wax I looked at her and thought, "Aren't we women sophisticated !!" .Lets bang our heads together shall we people? We women want freedom, we want liberty , we want food, we want to be thin, we want good looks , we want to be accepted as we are .... Sheesh we are demanding but do you see the conundrum presented in this situation? We want food but we want to be thin so that we can look good so that we can have cute, hot guys drool over us (actually it doesn't even matter if they are disgusting stalkers or desperate nerds with braces ). But yet we want to be independent and free. Hence the gist is we strip ourselves of the bounty of nature meant to keep us warm, cosy and fluffy like a bunny so that a testosterone ridden mule can perform the mating call of a Mynah and the more mules the bloodier....... oops I meant merrier! Once these unnecessary organisms latch onto us we lose all our independence. Not saying that I don't enjoy losing my independence to leeches it's just that it kind of leads away from "women are better than men" theory. Look at it this way, even though men cant do half as many things as good as us they don't need us. But then again this is the rambling of a crazed half yeti. I'm just going to let a devious woman with the thirst for money wax me of my natural fuzziness.