"This is good bye," she said as they walked up the stairs, "David said you were the one we needed."

Grabbing her hand, "What I don't understand is why he's here in the first place, not that it really matters anymore. At least now I know he's ok. Now why does it have to be farewell? I don't have the ability to return but can't you come to my place?"

Entering a living room, she turns, gazing into his eyes, "It's not that simple, the costs of such a trip are out of my range and doing such trips require…" unable to finish the sentence, she turns.

"Hey, don't worry about it." Giving her one of his smiles, "If worse comes to it, I'll just wait."

"You'll die before the turn of you century, much less 5 millenniums!"

Finally laughing, David enters the room, "It's time"

"Hey man, not glad to hear it." clashing arms with him.

"Dude…" The two friends embrace each other for a moment

Breaking apart, he turns to her. Their gazes match and they embrace whispering goodbye to each other.

Outside, he and David meet with the sage like commander. "We thank you for all that you've done for us. Farewell."

Glowing, with one final wave, he disappeared.

"Andrew won't remember this, will he?" commented David. "That's why we I'm the only one here sending him off."

"We cannot risk a change in the time lime. With the knowledge of now, he may unwittingly cause a parallel world were the worst has occurred."

Chap 1

Finding himself on College Hill, Andrew staggers around confused, "What… was I doing?" With a laugh, "Dude, how'd I even get here."

"Andrew?" A voice questions.

Turning, "Oh, hey Skye," as a smile crosses his face. "I'm just lost, mentally, not physically. I know this is College Hill, just not to sure why I'm here."

"You do realize your wearing a Jaja employed shirt, right?"

Looking down, "Wow, I'm out of it."

The two walk towards Jaja, Andrew starts, "So your getting another drink?"


"A smoothie?"

"Nope, gonna try a Calicora"

Chap 2

At his house, "Ok, there's no way I would forget I was going to work. Something happened."

Reaching his room, Andrew begins to empty his pockets tossing the contents onto his bed: a compass, a vile of holy water, a cardboard drawn cell phone, the end part of some rosary beads, his wallet, and a strange rock.

"Where's my bandana, and where did this rock come from? Ok, something definitely happened, but hey, this is a cool rock." He comments noticing its disk shape and sky green coloring to it.

The days go by, and Andrew ponders the strange event. He eventually concludes that he will never know what happened; just that something did happen.

Chap 4

Running for his life, Andrew was at his ballroom dance class when the explosions occurred. The explosions were caused by attacking UFOs, he and his class mates knew they had to flee. As the only guy, he felt an innate responsibility to protect the three other girls of the class and was running with them. A life form appeared in front of them; to Andrew it appeared to resemble a lizard walking on two feet wearing a visor helm, and all over chrome armor.

Instinctively, Andrew threw a punch at the creature, which it caught with its tail. Almost knowingly, Andrew then threw a roundhouse kick at the sides of its leg toppling the creature. Bewildered at his success, he failed to notice another being materialize behind him. One of the girls screamed, bringing Andrew back to his senses. As he turned, two more beings appeared; they, however, attacked the downed lizard man and disappeared with him.

The remaining being then said "Do not fear, I mean you no harm. I'm just here to offer my assistance."

Inspecting closer detail, Andrew noticed that he resembled a normal human, only with elongated limbs. Unable to hold back and completely puzzled, "How old are you?" escaped from his lips, "I'm sorry, I just had this feeling. I… I don't know."

Taking back a bit, "I am commander Zensh, I will explain every thing in just a moment." With that, the five disappeared in a flash of light.

The five reappeared in what appeared to be a ship, the control room if the platform meant anything. "People of Earth, this is commander Zensh speaking. With my crew, the Zekari have currently been expelled from your planet. I would like to speak to your world leaders to discuss a treaty of conduct with them. The meeting will occur in 2 days, your planetary orbit: in 48:31 time. Please be prepared in your offices, I will resume contact then,"

Turning his attention to his guests, commander Zensh commands some officers to return the girls to their families. With that, "You asked me of my age; you were right, I will soon be 3079 years old."


"Yes, for your species, but on your terms, its my early thirties."


"Now pleasantries aside, are you aware of why the Zeraki attacked your planet?"

"…enjoyment, money?"

"The Zeraki are a race bent on domination and control. My people and our allies have been at war with them for more years than I have lived."

"Then why haven't they attacked here before? If it has been such a long war, there's no reason for this planet to have been spared for so long."

"Intuitive, but there was nothing to attract them here before,"

"Now there is..."

"A few months ago, we detected a signal from this galaxy and decided to monitor it incase something became of it. We hoped it would move on into a protected space but it didn't. It was this precaution that saved your planet today."

"Ok, but why tell me this? Isn't this something to tell the world leaders tomorrow?"

"Yes, but you see, as we got closer to the planet we could detect just where the signal came from; an Earthling."

Surprised, "Me, how could I do something like that, and why now all of a sudden? Couldn't I have done this when I was younger?"

Amused, "It comes from you, but not you, check your pockets for anything unusual."

"You mean this," as he pulls out the diskette like rock, "I found it in there and just left it there."

"Well I'll be, a Luninite's stone. You claim to not know how you got it?"

"Not a clue."


With that Andrew went into detail of everything he could remember, which lasted less than 5 minutes.

Chap 5

Some days had passed commander Zensh had peacefully negotiated with the world leaders. Most, it appeared, agreed to his terms without complaint and few exceptions due to a fear. Zensh omitted Andrew's stone to being what attracted the Zeraki and explained it as an unknown power source. One of the promises Zensh made to the planet Earth was to allow people to tour his ship. The planet Earth was also given advanced technology in order to defend itself from another Zeraki attack.

A side effect to all this was a peaceful transition to a unified world government and leasing of world poverty. The advance technology ended pollution and allowed for colonization on the moon; further colonization was being planned as well.

After his meeting with Zensh, he knew there was more to his stone then he was let to know. A year had finally passed since he had mysteriously acquired the stone, yet nothing in his life had changed: he still, worked, took martial arts, danced ballet and ballroom, and went to school. With all the new technology, he believed that there would be flying cars, instead they were just made safer and cleaner.

On his home from school, he mysteriously vanished and found himself with commander Zensh. "Andrew, good to see you again."

Surprised, he quickly responds, "Ye…yeah, hello."

"I'll be frank, we've been monitoring you. So far, 7 attempts have been made for your life in the past 3 months. Now, I won't take that stone from you, so your going to have to enlist."


"I thought you would say that. I don't want you to come as a soldier, but as a diplomat."

"What do you mean?"

Smirking, the commander continues, "My ship is scheduled to leave soon, your job would be to meet different people and give a good impression for your people. I know you qualify for it because we've been watching you."

"Interesting, I do it."

Chap 6

A few months had passes and Andrew had visited various planets. He eventually learned of Luninites but didn't understand what purpose they're stones' served. He also observed that every race had its advantages. The Zeraki's were ambitious, the Olpions, the race of the commander, had extended life, and Trills were durable. All he could find about Luninites was that they were empathetic and something about bonds.

The alarm sounded and Andrew rushed to the science lab. On his first day, he was told to always try to get to the science lab when ever anything happened; the transporters were there for quick escapes.

Once the threat had passed, Andrew noticed that he had wandered into a part of the lab where he hadn't seen before. Transporters where there as well, but they were different; instead of the usual tube, he saw spirals. Upon a closer examination he heard, "So you've found the time machines."


"Don't worry, this place isn't off limits."

"Do they actually work?"


"Then why don't we use them? Countless live could be saved, the information would could give to prevent events from happening."

"Yes, that is the most typical response. We have tried that, but no one can exist in the same time period twice; a proven fact. Also, the future isn't set in stone; you could go into one future and then return, that information could change your times future, but the other future you visited would still exist." The commander places his hand on the machine, "You would forever be connected to that time, and would always transport to it the next time you time traveled forward, even though your future's future was changed. Do you understand?"

"A bit, I would only be able to change one thing and then everything else would be too different to have an effect. Also, you wouldn't be able to go to the new future's future because of your connection to the old one."

"True, we could send different people in through out the year. In our economy and government it wouldn't work, it would take too much from the people."

"What about the Zaraki?"

Sighing, "You are correct, they're authoritarian rule allows them the resources to perform the travel, they don't, however, posses enough beings to do the needed amount of travels."

"So it's balanced out to each side rarely using the machine then."

"Yes, we mainly use it as an escape pod when all else fails."

"Interesting, I want to travel."

"Hohoho, it could happen, but don't keep your hopes up."

Chap 7

"The far future and distant past." Andrew contemplated on his bed. He subsequently got up and started to pace about the possibilities. One of them includes going into the past to stop his departed friend from dying that day. "David, I hope you're doing well."

An alarm sounds signaling the arrival of ambassador onto the ship, as a fellow ambassador, his job would be to greet who ever it was and provide introductions.

As the hatch door opened a female figure stepped forward. Noticing her silver hair and pale skin, Andrew did the customary bow "Welcome to the S42, I am Andrew."

Returning the customary curtsy, "Greetings, I am Selia from planet Luston. I have been sent to speak with your captain."

"Of course..."

In Commander Zensh's cabin Selia discussed her business with him. She soon left and the commander called for Andrew and Drason, the second lieutenant. "The situation has changed for the worst, but we've been preparing for this day. Andrew, when you ran into the time capsules, it was no accident. I had that area of the lab made easier to access because it was becoming apparent that they would be needed soon. As ambassador, you and Drason will head to the future and obtain information on everything that will happen on 8^23[O7}q."

"Yes sir" replied the two men.

"Good, put all the data into this chip, I'm giving one to both of you just in case."

Within the capsule Andrew started a conversation with Drason to pass the time until the preparations were complete. "So he's sending us to his future self?"

"Yes, we will be able to avoid the screenings if the receiver recognizes us. Also, due to my extended life, yet health problems, it will be shortly after my death. At least with in the year or two, so the commander is bound to remember me if not both of us."

"That…" the message is lost as the transport begins.

Chap 8

As the glow fades, Andrew finds himself alone within the capsule. "He must have ended up in one of the others."

Exiting, Andrew introduces himself explaining his mission. What he receives is not the welcome he was told to expect, just dumbfound stares. Feeling uncomfortable, he pulls out the chip hopping it might end the silence. "A voice then quickly says, "Yes, right this way, please."

Walking down a corridor, Andrew feels an attraction pulling him down a different corridor. He brushes it and continues with his task retrieving the needed information. Leaving the data room, he freezes seeing someone he though he would never see again. Excusing himself from the other officer, he takes off running after the person.

"David!" Panting he reaches his target. It is you…How?"

Stunned, "That shoud be my question"

"I'm an ambassador sent to the future to gather information, you"

"Time dispositional rift during the accident"

"Of course, how obvious. Except that we found your arm!"

"Yea, I almost died. Duh"

The officer he ditched earlier than reaches him angrily, when David intervenes. "I'll take it from here, you're dismissed."

Annoyed, "Sir." He marches off.

Felling the pull from earlier Andrew starts to walk and David follows. Recognizing some features, "Is this the same ship?"

"Most likely, Zensh grew quite attached to this ship and is always sending it for repairs. Might be because of the history he has with it."

Reaching a door, Andrew goes to open it.

"Wait, you don't want to go…"


"Come in" a familiar third voice calls.

Entering, "Commander?" David questions.

"You aged well."

"Yes, thank you." The commander commented, "I new you would come here once I heard you returned."

"Because of me." A fourth voice called out.

Chap 9

"So that's what happened."

"Yes," she went on, "we had to make you forget to try and preserve our past and your future. Although, perhaps giving you my stone wasn't very wise."

"I just wish I could remember everything…"

Grabbing his hand, "It will return soon, but by then, you would have most likely left again."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be, 'these is the cards we've been given, now to play them.'"


Smiling softly "You said that phrase during you time here."

Sighing, "Only the dealer can give you a new hand…" Looking into her eyes, "But I will remember." With the seriousness that first made him stand out to her.