A little something I came up with.
Hope you enjoy.
- Aei.

Fallen Angel

Fallen angel fell from grace.
Sadness, disbelief, anger; evident on her face.
Her wings torn and bloodied,
Her robes ripped
With mud adorning the lace.

She was blessed with jet black hair.
The tresses were wild like ignited red flare.
Her halo was gone,
Her crown of glory taken;
Leaving no sign that it was ever there.

Light reflected from her amber brown eyes.
The orbs were set, determined, and wise.
They were passionate,
And yet so filled with lies.

God's love did she deny,
His laws did she defy.
She fought with the angels
Who fought by her side.
And so she fell from the sky.

God was lenient, however.
His love for her fading never.
He gave her a choice -
A choice she took -
To live like a mundane forever.

As dusk turned into dawn,
Her wings disappeared, forever gone.
She felt empty,
Like an earth-bounded swan.

Tears pooled from her amber brown eyes.
Her heart regretful, herself she despised.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"
She cried.
As she longed to sore to the skies.

But the verdict was set;
For the rest of her life, she must pay her debt.
To live like a human
And die like a human;
The fallen angel shall never forget.

Fallen angel fell from grace.
Mud and salt adorned her lace.
Her wings were gone,
Her halo was forever missing,
And tears pooled down her beautiful, saddened face.