Bloody Mary.

No one knows about your game

And to you it's all the same

'Round and 'round you go in style

But, baby, please stay a while

Curse at me, make me bleed

I abide by the devil's creed

Earthly ashes spread anew

It's time I had my way with you

I can put you under my spell

At your wish, we'll go through Hell

Catch a star that turns to dust

Salty tears turn us to rust

You're in it deep now, don't you know

The grin I'm wearing is not for show

Don't ever tell me that life isn't fair

Your amber eyes won't let me care

Angels die as love grows cold

I get young and you get old

It's my voice with which you scream

It's too late now, you cannot dream


September 2, 2009.