He scuffs his tatty blue sneakers on the pavement.
He looks to the man on his left, smoking a Pall Mall. He starts to
open his mouth to speak, shuts it, then changes his mind. Asks,
"James, do you tell me the truth?""Always," the other man replies with no emotion. He takes another drag.
The other man gulps, takes a deep breath. Asks,
"James, did you ever love me?"
"Never," the other man replies. No hesitation. He stamps out his cig
with a designer dress shoe. Turns to walk away.
Stops after a few paces. Turns back around, smirking.
"And did you love me, Gary?"
"Always," is the immediate reply.
The smirk drops a little.
"And did you lie to me, Gary?" He asks it almost urgently.
"Never," the man whispers, watching his tatty blue sneakers.
He doesn't see the other man walk away.