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My so called "Daddy" hates me for something I did when I was six years old, To him im a disgrace to the family and I should have been the one that died that night not her .The only person that gets me is my best friend and he took me away from her and brought me to where it all began California my hometown. Get ready California you have a killer comming your way and nothing is getting in her way.

Past Glimpse ( Ten Years Before)

"Daddy, Daddy!" The little five year old girl in a yellow dress yelled crying.

"Whats wrong sweetie" Her father asked her as he picked her up in his arms and wiped her tears away.

"Would you still love me if I did something bad daddy"

"Of course I will love you silly" He said tickleling his daughter and she giggled" Your my princess and I love you with all my heart and nothing or no one can ever change that.

Never forget that okay?" Her father said and the little girl nodded.

He hugged his little girl and kissed her forhead" I love you so much daddy"She told him

"Really?" She nods her head "How much?"

"Umm .. from here to the sky " She answered pointing her index finger up to the sky.

"Wow thats a lot" Her father answered smilling.

"How much do you love me daddy?"

"I love you from here all the way to pluto" The little girl seemed confused and asked " You mean the yellow doggie from Mickey Mouse?"

"No"Her father said laughing remembering his daughter still didnt know her planets and had a long way a head of her to learn them all.

"I mean the planet" The girl nodded still confused. "Dont worry one day you will know what I mean"

"Is Pluto far daddy?" He nodded his head

"Then I love you all the way to pluto too" She said giggleling as her dad tickled her she got all serious and put out her pinky,her dad stared at her confused.

"Pinky promise daddy. Pinky promise that you will never hate me." Her father looked at her lovingly and said" I promise"

And careful not to crush her finger he hooked his pinky with her and pinky promised. One thing he didnt know was that, that promise was one she would never forget and the day he would break it would break her heart even if that promise was made when she was five. The little girl grew up to learn and know what he meant that day about Pluto and she was very proud of herself for remembering what her dad told her that day.

Ten Years Later

"Kathy can I come in?" My brother asked from the other side of the closed door.

"Sure come in" I answered closing my laptop "Whats up?"

"Mom said to ask you if you were going to eat dinner with us" He said laying down on my bed.

"Umm.. Is the oger home?" I asked refering to my so called father.

"Yeah, and he's pretty pissed off about something,you know what that means" He said shaking his head.

"Yup, that I gotta stay out of his way and lock my door at night but thats nothing new" I sighted and sat next to my brother on the bed.

"You know he loves you" Derek said

"Mmhhmm sure and pigs fly and Im the princess of England"I closed my eyes tightly " He dosn't love me I know that, you and mom dont have to lie to me. It's okay Im used to his non-loving ways. He never did forgive me and never will, Im a disgrace to him"

"Dont say that Kat" He pulled me into a hug and rubbed my back in a soothing way." Your not a disgrace to him,he loves you just like he loves me and mom. Okay maybe not like mom that would be totally gross" We started laughing.

"Yeah that would be pretty disturbing" I said and sighted " I dont know what to do for him to forgive me I never meant for..." I trailed off I couldnt continue.

"Kat dont..."

"Nevermind, just tell mom Im not feeling well to eat without me ." I wasnt lying either my mood wasnt so great knowing this was going to be one of those days were my so called father yelled at me and told me how much of a disgrace I was to the family.

"You sure?" I nodded " Want me to bring something up for you?"

"Yeah two tostadas, oh dont forget a piece of chocolate cake and milk please"

He smiled" Anything for you little sis"

"Hey! Im not that little , we were born two minutes apart"

"Exactly" He said grinning " Making me the oldest one "

"Whatever when you come to leave my food come throught the secret passage okay?"

"Okay, same password as the one back home right?" I nodded and he left my room.

"Double doors activated" I said into a small microfone on my door and a metal door appeared instead of my regular door. That way the Oger dosnt get in.

I sighted and whent back to lie down on my bed, Derek was the only one that understood me.

He's always been there for me, he's my inseperable older by two minutes twin both stand at six feet and three inches,hazel eyes, and dark brown hair. Only difference is I diyed my hair black and put red highlights in it and mine is long and wavy, while he has his natural hair color and short hair. I have never trusted anyone but my brother and my bestfriend Jamie the only girl that has really been there for me.

I say only girl because my mother and I arent very close. Sure we talk, but not much. We dont have that daughter slash mother bond kinda thing. Were more of a If you need me im here but please try not too need hasnt really forgiven me for what happened nine years ago but shes tried unlike my so called father The Oger he hates my guts and I know it. Not just because he tells me all those hurtful things that I grew acostumed to but because of the way he looks at me. It never was the same after that horrible day nine years ago when I was only just six years old. I was my dad's world before that day. Me and Derek were always first when it came to his family or anything for that matter. I was his little princess that could do no wrong .... or so he thought.

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