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They tell me your not worth my tears or my love and to forget I ever met you

but like the saying goes"It's easier said then done"

My heart is in two and my eyes water at every tought of you

You my love were the first one into my heart.

My first Love,

Kiss,and Heartacke.

But I regret nothing of those moments

I spend with you cuz' they were the greatest

Moments in my life.

And I cherish every day I spent by your side

Even if now I cry my heart out at the thought of you not by my side

You always said "Whenever you need me just turn around and I'll be there for you"

And It hurts knowing if I turn around now you wont be there waiting for me with open arms ready to console me because your the one that cause this pain.

I wish you could see what you did to me

That you would see me this way all broken and weak

the person I never was before I met you.

Always able to control my emotions and acting like nothing in the world was wrong

but you had to come into my life and break down the wall I put up to keep the pain away

I dont regret you or us

cuz' even if it didnt last long I was happy all the moments I was with you

Your My adoration,

My Love ,

My Baby

and Nothing will ever be able to change that

I miss You , but most importantly I miss what we were when we were together.

The way your lips felt on mine all filled with passion and love, the way your hands caressed my face, The way your hands felt in mine or the way i felt when you gave me a hug all warm and snuggly and Protected from all pain.

Tears slip at each little memory that flashes back

I try not to care and try to forget but my love is too strong that it cannot die.

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