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I never meant to lie,

Never would I have thought that I would grow up to be who I am today.

Too many things going on in my life I dont know what to do

Scared of realicing the truth.... That Im not as strong as I lead on to be.

That anyone can crush me in a matter of second if they really wanted to.

Im a Lost soul in need of help....Help from you.

If this isnt a cry for help I dont know what Is...

Help me see the truth,that im not as weak as Ive thought my whole life.

Help me see That im not alone in this cruel lonely world,

Show me your love,your caring and your warmth of a mother.

Tell Me you love me and that you would give up everything to see me happy.

Say your sorry for all things gone bad,protect me from evil and make me believe I can be good..

All These years.... I never meant to lie,

I never meant to grow up and be who I am today.

I always dreamt of being a great role model, but

that dream whent down the drain like many others.

Many tears shed and words cursed all regret now that I look back

at the past....

Believe me when I say I love you with all my heart, and forgive me when

I say I never meant to hurt you or anyone around me. I didnt mean for all of this to get

out of hand ....I felt alone and that was the only way I could feel safe.

I wish I could have been better and I keep trying to be that girl I onced wished I was..

I hope Im not too late to turn over a new leaf, All I ask Is for you to be there for me.

Give me your Love and your Understandment.

Give me hope in order to change and to live,

Dont let me down Like I let you guys down so

many other times before.

Just Help me.....