"So, did you hear?" asked Susanne. She was standing next to the water cooler with Bill, who had just come back from work after a month vacation.

"No, what?" said Bill.

"Well," Susanne started excitedly. "Marvin totally lost it yesterday."

"Get out! What happened?"

"Right, well it was about 9 o'clock when Marvin comes walking in the building. I'm busy talking to Tony about the new business plan. Tony wants for the production to increase, which personally I am against. So I'm telling him as such and-"

"Hurry up and get to Marvin." Bill interrupted.

"Hold on," Susanne said, looking at Bill as if he was a crazed maniac as she filled up her cup with water. "I'll get to that. Jeez Bill, you have no idea how stories work do you?"

"Oh whatever, just get on with it."

"We'll now I've forgotten where I was. Let's see…" She paused and looked around the room like there was something that would help her remember.

"Oh right, so then Marvin comes walking in, and he is just covered in dirt. I mean, it looked like he found a puddle of mud and started rolling in it or something. Which he could have, I mean, he would be the one to do something like that. Anyway, me and Tony, well we're pretty shocked to see him looking like that, but we didn't approach him because, let's be honest, Marvin is pretty intimidating.

"And so he just walks over to his cubicle sits down and stares at his computer screen. Doesn't do anything but stare at it. He's got a pile of papers to record, but he doesn't even look at them.

"About this time Sasha pops up from nowhere like she usually does and asks him what the deal is with all the dirt. Marvin doesn't recognize her in any way. He just keeps on staring at the computer screen. I guess Sasha thought he didn't hear her or something and asks him again."

"Are you kidding?" asked Bill. "It's impossible not to hear her talk."

"I know right? Well anyways, Marvin just twitches. Just the tiniest bit. I tell you, it was pretty freaky."

"So Sasha didn't catch the little body clue there and asks him what's up with the dirt one more time, and he just goes ape. Or…Well you know what I mean. He just flings his arms up and his keyboard flies off to the left and slams into Georges face, knocking him to the floor. Then he slams his arms into the computer which completely shattered it. All through this he is yelling like a beast. Mary-Anne couldn't take the intensity and ran out of the building. Then Sasha, the idiot, just gives her own death sentence and says, 'Gee, someone has a needle up their butt.'"

"Aw jeez," Bill said, his hands over his face. "What happened?"

"Marvin ate her. Right there, he just grabbed her and put her in his mouth. No blood, no fuss, he just ate her. Once he was done he sat back down in his seat, put the broken computer on his desk and went back to staring at it. We were all to scared to do anything so we called for help.

"Gosh, I wonder what pushed him so far."

Susanne shrugged.

"Turns out some poachers saw him that morning coming to work and tried to get him for kicks. They didn't get him, but he did end up getting a needle up his butt.

"Man, I told Tony hiring a lion was no good."