The True Story of the Frog Prince

One morning a farmer's beautiful daughter awakened to find a handsome young man in her bed. She smiled at the memory of their wonderful night together. But just then the door flew open and her father burst into the room holding a cocked shotgun.

"You rotten scoundrel!" the farmer bellowed. "I don't know how you managed to seduce my little girl, but she's the last one you'll ever have!"

"Don't shoot, Daddy!" the girl cried. "Yesterday I found a talking frog in the duck pond and he said that if I let him sleep in my bed he would change into a handsome prince -- and that's just what happened."

"It's true, sir," said the young man. "Your daughter has broken the spell cast on me by an evil witch. Now I am going to marry her and take her to my palace where she will live happily ever after in comfort and luxury."

But the farmer didn't believe the young man anymore than you believe this ridiculous story, and he blew his head off.

(Moral: women shouldn't try to change men.)