To Jordan with Love

To my most precious friend,

The pain when you cry,

Burns through my blood,

And brands me inside,

I wish I could hold you,

Forever and on,

But I sit here, so helpless,

While you remain gone,

But Jordan, I swear,

The pieces will fall into place,

Even if it costs me my life,

And casts me from grace,

I'd walk all the earth,

Until one day I found,

The cure for your tears,

Because I can't stand the sound,

I'd fight every army,

Swim through every sea,

Climb every mountain,

That stood between me,

And the beautiful girl,

With tears in her eyes,

Whose sobs break my heart,

As she trembles and cries,

I'll make it all better,

I promise, no, swear,

Even if it costs me,

My world and my air,

You must know that there's

Nothing I wouldn't do,

To protect your pure heart,

And all that's precious to you,

So Jordan, no matter,

What problem or trial,

I will protect you,

And your beautiful smile.