My thoughts spin,

Weakening my esteem.

My heart hurts,

With feelings from the day.

My wrists burn

From where I sliced my skin.

My vision sways,

The pain too much to handle.

The room darkens,

Matching my mood.

My tears fall

But I brush them quietly away.

I hear sickening laughter.

Satan's enjoying my pain.

I hear a soft sobbing.

God wants me to stop.

I look down.

Angry red lines stand out on my arm.

My eyes close.

I am ashamed of my weakness.

I want to pray,

But no words come from my mouth.

My wrists burn even more,

And anger rushes through my veins.

My mouth is silent,

But my heart is screaming.

My world spins.

I want the pain to end.

Satan screeches with glee

As his words fall from my tongue.

And only God knows,

That it only makes me feel worse.