Slipping backwards through the void,

Nothing there to catch my fall;

The World of Light has been destroyed,

If ever it was there at all.


Is happiness a shadow's trick?

Is goodness really wrong?

As fleeting as a candle wick,

And only half as strong?


All my life has been a lie,

This I've come to know.

Not one more tear will moist my eye

Because now I'm letting go.


Good-bye wind, good-bye rain

Farewell sunshine on my face.

Leaving, never to return again

I belong now to a darker place.


A place beneath where living tread

Ensconced in Nature's earthy womb,

I join the dominion of the dead

Underground in my own tomb.


Now the pain can't reach my heart;

I'm safe here in the death of night

Where breath does from my lips depart

And with my empty soul, takes flight.