This is a oneshot using two of the characters I'm currently writing. It's a bigger story, that I won't upload in parts but in one big go. Anyway, I was bored today, while away from my computer, so I wrote this oneshot. I might be using it in the story... Tell me what you think about it and I would really apreciate critical reviews :]

All the characters in this story are mine. So is the story itself.

Matt found them on the balcony, that seemed to sneak around the whole school and was hardly ever used by anyone. Cole's arm was curled around her, around her hips and back. Her hands were buried in Cole's hair, playing with the purple and black strands, large bracelets dangling from her thin, sticklike arms.

Their lips were pressed against each other, and now Cole pulled away, whispering something in her ear. The giggle, loud and high pitched, spilling from the girls full, shimmering lips echoed in Matt's head, hurting his ears. They kissed again, passionate. The girls barely clothed body was pressed against Cole's, her boobs seemed to spill out of her tight top.

And Matt just stood there, frozen for what seemed an eternity or maybe just a few seconds. Then, shock and a sense of betrayal crashed down on him like freezing water, awakening him from his numbness.

He didn't know why it hurt so much, why he suddenly felt so empty. It must be because it was their place, he thought numbly, their hide-out at school, where they went when they wanted to talk, alone, without anybody listening.

For a second, a picture flashed in his mind, a small clearing, hidden by oak trees and blackberry bushes, and on the soft grass, sprinkled with white, tiny flowers, two barely clothed figures lay intertwined. Black, messy hair streaked with purple, and the blonde hair of some faceless, pointless girl.

Suddenly, he felt sick. No, impossible. Cole wouldn't have showed it to anyone, not their secret childhood hide-out… would he? For some girl, some action that he constantly seemed to crave.

The picture still burned in his mind when Cole noticed him. He looked up, a sly smile on his lips and a guilty look in his eyes. Why guilty, Matt's brain wondered, but it seemed so unimportant, and maybe he had just imagined it. Maybe he had wanted there to be guilt.

"Hi, Matt" he said

"Oh, hi" Matt's voice was oddly hollow. The girl looked up, an annoyed expression on her pretty doll face.

"What's he doing here?" she asked, glaring at him like he was something unimportant, barely worth existing.

"I was just looking for Cole" Matt answered instead of Cole, on which the girl commented with a nasty look.

"But I guess you are busy" he forced a smile on his lips, and he was surprised by how easily the lies fell from them. "Well, see you later"

He turned around, and behind him he heard the girl mumble something, probably into Cole's shoulder; but then there was Cole's voice, calling out behind him. Calling his name. But Matt kept walking, not looking back.

He wondered why it hurt, and there was jealousy raging through him, choking him. It confused him, because Cole was his friend; why would he be jealous of a girl he would dump in the next week anyway?

He stopped, standing in an empty hallway, panting, with a racing heart.

And then, suddenly, there was another picture in his mind. A patch of grass, surrounded by oak trees and blackberry bushes, and between the tiny, white flowers there were two people. Black hair, with purple lines and, this time, instead of a faceless, blond girl there was someone else; chestnut colored, short hair- him.

He swallowed, hard. His face was burning, and he pressed his eyes shut, mortified. Cole was his best friend, his childhood companion, who liked girls and had been almost terrified of being called gay ever since he could remember.

He groaned, eyes still closed. It wasn't true. It couldn't be. Still, despite what he desperately tried to convince himself off, the picture came back, sneaking into his mind, unbidden.

And with the picture came a weird, strange, burning feeling that might just be love.

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