Who is he?

I just want to talk about him
and I don't even know him,
but everytime I meet him,
my heart starts pouding strongly
and I can't help but feeling I'm alive
though he doesn't even know I'm alive.

What can I do? Who is he who takes my breath away?
I can't force my heart to fall in love with the right guys,
I just fall and fall for the wrong ones who never know me
but if my eyes and his eyes can look into to each other,
I'll really cherish that moment forever like a treasure.

Sometimes he's there, sometimes he just fades,
I wonder if he's real or a trap from my imagination,
I don't know how I can keep these thoughts away
cos everytime I'm in the same place, it's like a hell,
it's so tempting and distant, it's so dreaming and perfect,
he's just like him for everyone else but someone like me.

Who is he who makes my ground shakes away?
I can't give a smile or stop feeling nervous,
it's everything so hot, I think I'm burning myself,
sweet apple, why it's so bitter and forbidden for me?
Maybe it's not love, maybe it's just an oasis
and I'll always be thirsty for more.


I really want him to say me something, anything!! I don't care if he says ugly things to me, but something!!!! everytime I see him, I run away cos I can't be "normal", besides, he looks like a model… maybe he's a model… people like him never notice I'm alive and the ones who pays me attention are the ugly ones U_U