We held hands,

looked out to infinity,

eyes to the stars,

and there we saw an end.

It was filled with the light

of a final star and

We Named it endverse.

and in the new beginning,

the place full of light,

We Named verse,

and We smiled.

We smiled and

looked past endverse,

into the verse,

and there We saw

something in the verse.

It was filled

with song and light,

and We laughed

and Named it art.

And in the light

We saw darkness

and in the song,

We felt silence.

And our smiles ended.

And art

We Named eart,

the end of art.

But also in verse,

there was hope,

hope in the dark silence,

so We Named eart

twice; heart

for the beginning of hope,

and earth

for hope after the end.