The tears,

They fall,

Though long ago I promised,

I would cry no more over you.

I told myself that it was for the best,

That we were to different from how we were back then,

To remain the best of friends.

I can't help but love you still,

I can't make it go away at will,

I can't make the ache stop,

It even hurts to look at you,

And I think back on those long gone days,

Even though our friendship is through.

Back then all the world was right,

No bad word passed between us,

Never was there a fight.

And one day it was like you couldn't see,

On day it was like you looked right through me,

I was no longer there,

Or I was no longer important enough for you to care.

You saw yourself as a Queen,

A ruler of your land,

I saw you as a friend turned foe,

I never stopped looking for the girl I used to know.

I've always wanted to tell you,

I miss how it used to be,

The sun, the sky, the feeling of being free,

And there we were,

Just you and me.

That time has passed now,

But I'll never forget,

And though I may mourn,

I'll never regret.

© Double I 4 My Guyz