psychedelic sweater

cowboy boots

T-shirts: 3 for $10

It came out of the blue.

thrift store hunting




You lectured me on life. Sometimes you made no sense at all, but I'd always laugh.

Plane ticket

Boarding pass


Cream-colored Benz left in the parking lot

Are you ready?

You'll be waking just as I drift to sleep.

Hand-me-down watch

Travel guide

Italian-English dictionary

Let's hope it helps. You always had so much to say; so many things to do; so much life to live…

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (perfect for a cuckoo like you)

Extra pair of shoelaces

Brown beaten wallet

Deck of cards

It's like watching a stranger pull a magic trick: life happens in the blink of an eye. And no matter how hard you try to figure it out - play it forward, rewind, slow-motion - there's no telling the how or the why.




Tux top

-- to be ready for any occasion. Arms flung wide to open space, encompassing those ballooning aspirations: "You've got to see the opportunities!"

Absolute strangers

indefinite friends

Mom, dad, 2 sisters, 1 dog

The backyard opens into a shed, tools strewn everywhere. Sunlight falls on half-baked ideas: failures and successes.





Electronically speaking, I can still hear you.

Photograph to remember the moment, frantically sent


my sincerest smile

Lying on your back in the middle of the sidewalk; everyone thinks, "There is always tomorrow…"



a week, a month, a year

Until we meet again, "Good night."

Hm, the format got all messed up. oh well. anyways, this was actually an assignment for my english class. we had to write a poem modeled after a poem called "Inventory" by Frances Richey, which basically relates a mother's thoughts as she looks over all the items that her son has packed (he is leaving to Iraq for the war). Supposed to do something dealing with "separation" drawn from our own lives. I have a friend who is leaving to study abroad, so I won't see that friend for a while.