The Tragic Failure

It's posted in front of all the eyes
For the entire world to see
It's the reason why something dies
Left in the form of an obituary.

It wasn't meant to be a mistake
Things weren't meant to end this way..
But she'd had more than she could take
And the pain just wouldn't go away...

She looked out the window with eyes of tears
Her body began to shake and tremble.
She had to say goodbye to all of the years
But her mind forced her to remember

All of the feelings that swarmed in her soul;
All of the memories that buzzed in her brain.
And knowing that she would never again be whole
Her eyes overflowed with this mourning rain.

There used to be sunshine all the while
Oh, how there used to be such a warm light
There used to on her face a permanent smile
But now all they could do was fight.

How did things take such a drastic turn?
How did it all wind up coming to this?
When did the all the affection become spurned
And when did the love become dismissed?

When did the bright sunshine turn to clouded days?
Where did the sudden distance emerge from?
And why couldn't she make this pain go away?
When did she lose the only one she relied on?

So many questions buzzed about her mind relentlessly
Slowly stabbing viciously at her wounded heart
And it all boiled down to what undoubtedly
Tore this poor young woman apart.

With a love so strong it could not be ignored
She turned away from him for the final time
Forever looking away from the one she adored
And turning herself to her final crime.

She grabbed a blade she'd kept hidden away
Lifted her head and placed the tip upon her chest
Closed her eyes tight and slowly began to pray
As she plotted the trail that would do her the best.

Slowly the blade made its first penetration
She winced a bit and gasped with the pain
But she continued on with the hopes of salvation
Her eyes began to flood with expiring rain.

Her body began to quiver as its life drained away
She plunged the blade in hard and twisted it about
She smiled through her choking on her final day
Watching in contentment as she slowly bled out.

She laid on her back and gasped, short of breath
Her body an island in a sea bathed in red
She whispered goodbye just seconds before death
Smiling a last time before her eyes went back in her head.

She left no note nor explanation
Neither did she leave an apology to be found
There was no need to explain her situation
So she left without a sound.

It wasn't meant to be a mistake...

Her body began to quiver and tremble...

She'd just had more than she could take...

But her mind forced her to remember.