A/N: Oneshot. I wrote it on a whim at college on a keyboard my hands were not accustomed to.

The scent of warm blood overcame the senses. The werewolf screamed at the moon, its bloodthirsty call wailing, wailing onward into the frozen arctic night. Tikaani lowered his head with a frustrated snarl. The fur seal had been long dead before he reached it, bled out from the failed orca strike. He licked the bloody flesh, feeling the still steamy hot substance thaw his insides.

It wasn't enough. If Tikaani was to survive the night, he needed to bite live prey and drink the life out. He stood on his haunches and surveyed his domain. The snow moved downwind from him. He sniffed, unsure what this unusual behavior of the snow foretold.

The snow stood. It rose up on four legs and blinked small black eyes, watching the man-wolf hybrid curiously. Tikaani growled, gnashing his teeth at the giant in anticipation of ripping into its hot flesh. The polar bear paused. Was this creature really a threat? It turned and fled, pawing up the snow. The werewolf howled and charged. His fangs bit at the thick fur, unable to find the flesh hidden deep inside. The bear reared on its haunches with an enraged roar.

Tikaani hung on for his life, clawing and biting until the bear's neck was slick with saliva. His teeth found purchase. A hunk of meat tore free. The bear yelped and flipped over, pressing the werewolf into the ice and snow. They rolled onto a thin ice patch. The werewolf hung on even as the ice opened up. In the water, he was vulnerable, but it was too late to back out now. The sunlight was peeking over the horizon.

The ice buckled and the two predators tumbled into the water. Tikaani bit back down on the bear's back, determined to survive at least longer than his prey. Hot blood poured into his mouth and he sucked like a child at its mother's teet. The bear struggled frantically then went limp. The doomed man-wolf would've growled in satisfaction if that wouldn't have drowned him just then. The fire of the bear's life frothed in his veins. The large corpse, empty of blood and life, sunk beneath the cold darkness below.

Tikaani rose to the surface and howled in defiant triumph to the bloody moonlight one last time before the frothing Arctic sea swallowed him whole.