"She was lovely, ya know? You know that girl that you always dreamed of, not the Megan Fox or the model but the other girl, the one that you had a real chance of getting. Not to say that she wasn't still way out of your league, but you had a better chance of her to love you then some Hollywood type.

Yeah, she was that girl. Smart, beautiful, the kind of girl that you could stare at all day hoping that she would say something. That was who she was, and I knew that she was the girl for me. There was, however, one tiny problem. She was in a relationship, one of those friends first then realize you're great for each other relationships, ya know. He was a good guy, nice, soon became a friend of mine. But seriously, who doesn't become friend's with the person your friend is dating, right?

Anyway, I knew that they loved each other, but I never saw what happened three months ago coming, not in a million years. On their two year anniversary, Tom proposed to Kayla. That was when I freaked out, the moment that I realized that they were going to be together forever. I mean, c'mon, at least when they were dating there was a chance they would break-up, but marriage! No, not that simple, I'm afraid. Therefore, I came to a conclusion that I must find a way to prevent such a union from existing. My first idea came one Sunday afternoon, when all of the sudden I felt a need to hurt him, that boy who had stolen her away from me.

Of course I knew that physical harm was not enough; it was temporary and showed too much of my true colors. I had an idea that would hurt him by hurting her, by making Kayla hate this creature of a man who took her away from me. Wait, I mustn't think like this. While I wished that she was mine, at that moment and moments past, she never was and that in turn is the fuel that filled my need to condemn this man. Back to my plan, I could only think of one true crime, the idea that has come into both real life and Hollywood a thousand and one times. Jealousy.

Or, more or less, unfaithfulness. The thought that this man, whom she had loved, was no longer devoted specifically to her was enough to break any woman's heart. That was the plan, to find a way to condemn him. I used a simple trick, inviting him over for a get together with other friends. Only the other friends were women who frankly I had only known from the time it took for me to find them in the bar and bring them to my apartment. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I was desperate. When he arrived he was rather shocked, surrounded by five beautiful women who had been told that the man who was arriving was a great guy. Apparently I convinced them, they didn't leave his side the entire time.

We watched a movie, I wasn't even paying attention, I simply waited patiently for the right time to make a call. It was when the whispering in the ear, the playful giggles, the innocent gestures went on that I knew I had the right moment. After my call, it took all of ten minutes for Kayla to arrive. She was, to say the least, shocked to find her fiancé surrounded by these women. Frankly it looked like the women were rather shocked too, but Tom was perfectly speechless. I had it made, this was over, and I could be back on track.

Not so fast, fate seemed to scream at me, as Tom ever so politely stated that this was a simple get together, that I had invited these women without his knowledge, and that of course nothing had happened. Normally, especially if this were one of those romantic-comedies, the woman in this situation would have a fit and storm off, leaving the man for good. No, it couldn't be that simple, now could it? She knew he didn't do anything, not after asking me specifically what had happened. A part of me wanted to lie, another wanted me to stab Tom, most of me wanted to kiss her.

I told the truth, knowing well that if I had done any of the others my chance at success would be permanently ruined. I had invited the girls, Tom was innocent, and nothing went on. I could tell by Tom's face that he was incredible grateful, knowing full well that he deserved whatever wrath may befall him by this woman. She, however, took my word and forgave Tom for anything he did or did not do. As if my life couldn't get any worse, now Tom liked me. It is hard enough to harm a person in every emotional and psychological without liking them, but to sort of feel bad for the guy ended up being torture for me.

At first.

It became easier as the weeks went by, to feel the anger, the pure disgust. Then the anger rose above hatred, going into a realm that may not have a word. It is the same realm that men like Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler entered pre-terrorizing, the final trail to immortality. Or maybe the word I'm looking for infamous, the entire idea is that I will never be forgotten for this. I'm going to murder him. More importantly, I'm going to kill her too. You may think, 'He's is overcomplicating this, and it's not like he's serious.'

On the contrary, I am both serious and willing to commit murder in any degree, for in death all men are truly equal. Only in death can she be mine, only then will I deserve her. On the night of the tenth of this month, I set my plan into action. It was then that I knew I had the best motive, it was my birthday. What man, logically, would in his right mind commit murder on his birthday, more over I had the perfect alibi. I had rented a room near Atlantic City, and left no trace of my whereabouts in any form. Around two in the morning I broke the locks on her front door, entering slowly. Her dog, Sam, got up and began to lick my hand as I moved through the house. In the interest of keeping absolute silent, I drew my knife and slit Sam's throat. I ascended to the second floor, making sure to watch for the certain spots on the floor that make any form of sound.

I gently pushed the door to her bedroom open, the one room I had never entered. There she slept in her bed, a nightgown on. She looked so beautiful, the moon's beams flowing gently over her face and hair. There he slept, next to this goddess, his arm wrapped around his waist. Fornication is a sin, I said in a hushed whisper. I crept over to the side of the bed that he lay on, moving with extra care with each step. When I reached him, I smiled as I look down at his neck, full of blood that would soon run over my knife. I put my hand over his mouth and turned his head toward me with a great jerk, waking him.

Before he could scream, however, I had moved the blade across his throat and permanently ended his life. Even now you may think I should have stopped, but for her own benefit she needed to die. Kayla would never love me, no matter how much I loved her. How could she just ignore me for all these years, treating me the way she did? The despicable, conniving, evil little… I took my knife and plunged it between her ribs, right into her lungs. She awoke in a sense well beyond fright, absolute terror. She screamed, the pain enveloping over her body. I stabbed again and again, relentlessly. I cut and I ripped her body into pieces, the girl who denied me happiness. When she was well passed dead,I lay there on their bed, soaked in their blood. I lay there until the cops arrived, ramming their way in. I tried to tell them it was a private room, but they wouldn't listen. They grabbed me and threw into their car.

The past few days have been a bit of a haze, honestly. But I talk too much. Doctor Summers, how has your week been?"