The first time they met he was thirteen and she was braiding a chain of daisies through her hair.

The sun was shining and her skin was luminous, and he felt boring and dull in comparison to her, in her vibrant yellow dress.
But she smiled at him and his heart fluttered and he felt slightly more confidant.

She made her way over to him, the bangles on her arm jingling merrily with each step she took, and he found himself nervously tapping his foot in time to the beat she made.

"You have a wonderful rhythm," she stated.
He mumbled and stuttered a shy reply and stared at her as she skipped off to make another daisy chain, this time as a necklace.

It was the start of an infatuation.

a.n. this was originally just going to be a random one-shot, but i've had a few people ask me if i'm continuing it, and so i've decided to turn it into a short, simple, fragmented story.