the streetlights are flickering
as my eyelids are blinking,
a rhythm i've known very well.
the sky had faded grey
as you headed my way
blue bloomed the surface of my world

subtle beginnings and rough paths leading
my eyes began to shutter.
the earth broke loose
and you pulled me together
tying loyal bows bound with unfailing faith

you laid your weary head
and i tucked my painful past under the bed
yet i held my doubts close to my chest
but just as my sky changed it's ways,
my iris calmed its tides
and i found myself dreaming beside you;
my fluttering eyelashes greeting slumberous habits
finally letting the drowsy ocean cover me
your breath took me away that night.

in that sleep, i fell graciously
and you learned to hold me patiently;
when my fingertips bled, your lips held my wounds carefully
i touched you softly -- you budge but you never move.
no sudden movements aroused our bliss
but the soft murmurs of one finally rested
finally safe in a place so unknown;
it belongs in a dream for for a child's gullible head
not in a hotel room with a king size bed for two.

never knowing real peace
i found myself believing with you,
for i never winked once that night
yet in that lawful sleep, each time you whispered slumber
your soft breath tugged at my heart-strings
and my heart, it beat as fast as those streetlights flickered.
almost like electricity, something pulled me closer to your chest
and i could finally feel,
and i felt perfect.

i've never been to this place before
but i've made my bed and i'm with you tonight
no matter what sets us apart, i'll reach you.
i collide with love tonight,
without a doubt, without a word
without a fight.