"I wish..... I wish I was never born!" I said as I slammed the door behind me. in tears running as far away as I could, I cried until dawn. I had no where to go, no food, no money, I guess all I had was the cloths on my back that's all, and even that was very little. I was in such hurry to get out I didn't even care about getting any shoes on.... all I had on was a skirt, and a plain T shirt. Yeah, Yeah now that I think about it, how did this all happen? Your probably all wandering the same thing....well I guess I should start with my name and that is Lilith, I guess that's a good place to start because that name has a meaning behind it, and a very dark one at that. No one has ever cared since the beginning..... but that's even getting further ahead then where I should start. its the year 1751 when horses still pulled carriages, when people still believed in the dark magic, and mythical creatures such as nymphs, dragons, Leprechaun,unicorns, vampires, and so on and so on. Which is where my story begins. My mother was a noble and the wife of a nobleman, unfortunately my father wasn't her husband. My mother had an affair even though she already had a fiancé. and out of that affair, had me. She tried conceal the fact I wasn't her husbands daughter, but eventually it slipped out, for the fact I didn't fit in I wasn't right. how should I put this I guess you can say my teeth, they looked of that as a vampire. this was back before I knew how to hide it, or before I even knew of it, of my origins that is. My so called father or what I called him back before all this happen decided, or figured out I wasn't his daughter. My so called mother conveniently decided to get the doctors who had supposedly delivered me to say there was some type of mix up and I wasn't related to them, well I could only have my imagination how she was able to get the doctors to say that. now I have to say at this time I was about 5 or 6 years old and they decided to disown me but since I was still little instead of throwing me out of the house the threw me in a dungeon I got one meal a day and had to work all the time, I was a literal slave all day and if I didn't do something right I got beat badly. Now to think all this because my teeth didn't fit in!? I didn't understand at the time..... until that happen, when food started to taste horrible to me when I was so hungry I couldn't think, this was about the time I was 8 I couldn't stand it anymore and then a blackout.... I don't remember I woke up with people either dead or barely alive all around me I was standing with blood all on my hands and my mouth, blood everywhere like a pool of it and the people who were friends I made during that time and my mother and father were dead there blood on me it tasted like sweet wine to me I couldn't believe it, even though I wanted to throw up it tasted good. the next thing I heard was a clap, over and over I herd claps I followed the sound of the clapping. there stood a guy that had what appeared to be pure black eyes, I couldn't tell the color of his hair granted I didn't even care really though he was wearing a black cloak with a hood over his face. I asked "who are you?, what happened here? what did I do? wha...." tears were falling I didn't know where to start. The guy chuckled "well now aren't you full of questions for someone who just killed every person in this place....your such a kid you can't even control the way your fangs look." I was shocked I could event think " ki... killed... fangs...what?" my voice was strained and stuttering. "can I ask you?" he said " do you know who your father is?" I was to in shock to say anything back. he laughed a bit and said " I enjoyed your show" while walking towards me "your only a kid and don't know anything so I'll take you with me don't worry I won't hurt you." he put his hand on my head and I looked up I was breathing heavy I turned around and tried to run but he grabbed me and said "do you hear that sound... it sounds like the police are coming you could have left someone alive that could have called them or with all that screaming someone outside could have called either way what do you plan to do. Do you want to kill the police officers or do you want to get out of here." I didn't say anything I was just struggling to get away. "If you come with me you won't go to jail you'll have a chance you'll learn about what happened here, who I am, and who you father is." I stop struggling I couldn't get away from him whether I wanted to or not, and I had no where else to go, and if I would have stayed there or try to get away from the cops myself I would have been caught I knew all this, but before I could say anything I passed out, I guess he gave me something to make me pass out, I don't know. All I knew from that moment was everyone I knew was dead. From what all that was around and the blood on my mouth and on my hands I guess I killed them, and now I'm with a guy who I never knew before I don't even know his name yet, that's what I thought as I slowly slipped in my dream world.

To be continued

Authors Note: This is my first time writing a story by myself, the first time I tried I had my older sisters help this time I don't….. I'm not sure if I'm going to finish it but I hope this will come out to be a story I'm proud of and I hope you all enjoy reading it Please Read and Review Thank You!!!