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I thought what we had would last know, the typical teenage love story? Boy meets girl. Girls meets boy. Instant childhood sweethearts. Hugo Walker and Daisy Notting. Never just Hugo or just Daisy. I always assumed when high school ended we'd get married, have some kids and start a family but apparently I was sadly mistaken. Ironic, isn't it? That the people who love you turn out to be the one's that hurt you the most.

Chapter One - Broken Hearts and Broken Noses

I wish I could say I was unaffected by his arrival and that after four years I felt nothing. I wish I could say that just the mere sight of him didn't make my heart race and my stomach swoop. I wished for alot of things that night. Mainly, I wished that after all the hurt he had put me through, I didn't still love him. Unfortunatley, my heart had other plans.

It was a typical Friday night. I was sitting alone in my apartment, dressed in a pair of ratty trackie-dacks and a few-sizes-too-big green polo shirt. My hair was carelessly thrown into a bun, still damp from my recent shower and I had just dragged my pale green doona from my bed and onto the couch. I had popped a dvd into the player and I had ordered my weight in chinese food. I was content and even after recieving a flourish of text messages from my best friend Mandy, nothing was going to draw me away from the couch.

Daisy, get your arse off the couch, out of those hideous pants I know you're wearing and into McHardy's for some fun! I'm chatting to two cute young thangs and one of them would be perfect for you!

I laughed at Mandy's message. She was seriously 22 going on 18 by the way she partied. She could be out Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and still show up to work the next day looking like she'd spent the weekend at a spa retreat. I on the other hand, only had to have five drinks and I'd spend the next two days still working it out of my system. I guess that's the price you pay for having a low alcohol tolerance.

Sorry Mandy. I'm not coming. Besides I already have a date with one Tom Hanks. He's about to make me and Meg Ryan swoon. Stay safe, have fun and call me if you need anything.

I pressed send and placed my phone onto the table beside the couch. I grabbed to TV remote and settled under the covers of my blanket, pressing play on the remote. The beginning credits hadn't even finished when I was interupted by a knock at the door. I sighed and reluctantly kicked the covers off. I brightened slightly at the thought of the freshly cooked, crisp spring rolls and dim sims I would soon be devouring. With a slight skip in my step, I grabbed my purse off the table and opened up the door.

There he stood. Definatley not the delivery man. He was dressed in a pair of baggy jeans and a red and white checked dress shirt. He had a motorcycle helmet in one hand and a leather jacket draped over the other.


Needless to say, I was speechless. My mouth gaped open and formed a perfect 'O'. My hands were balled into fists at my sides.

"What the hell do you want?" I finally managed to blurt out. Hugo looked me up and down and my cheeks flamed with embarassment at my attire.

"Nice to see you too Daze," he replied, "Can I come---".

The rest of his reply was lost as my light headiness finally got the better of me and I faded into darkness.

I groaned. I was lying on something soft which I quickly recognized as my bed. I placed a hand tentively to the back of my head and felt a golf ball sized lump. I slowly lifted myself from the bed and peered around the dark bedroom. There were no signs of life.

Had I dreamt about Hugo's arrival? Had I been drinking? None of these explained the huge lump on the back of my head but they were better excuses than facing the reality the Hugo Walker was back in my life.

Suddenly, my bedroom door opened and Hugo strode in with a glass of water and a packet of panadol.

"Here," he said, handing me two white tablets, "Take these".

I reluctantly took the tablets and swallowed them, my eyes still shooting daggers at him.

"You always did have a tendency to faint when surprised," he commented, "You're lucky I was here to catch you. You nearly went straight threw that glass table you have in the hallway."

I continued to be silent, still processing his arrival on my doorstep. It was taking all of my self control not to leap from the bed and punch him in the face.

"So, how have you been Daze?" he asked casually, taking a seat on the end of my bed.

I didn't like this one little bit. It was too intimate, too casual and he was acting like nothing had happened between us.

"Please don't act like you give a damn Hugo. For both of our sakes." I spat at him. I curled my body up so it was as further away from his as I could manage.

"Oh, c'mon Daze. Don't be like that. I was just in the neighbourhood and thought I'd pop in to see how you were doing."

I snorted at this comment. I knew him well enough to know he was lying through his teeth.

"Hugo," I began, my voice a deathly whisper, "You can't turn up on my doorstep, four years after dumping me and expect me to accept your arrival gracefully. Now tell me what the hell you want so you can leave and crawl back into whatever hole you came out of."

Hugo looked at me and sighed. "Ok, I was trying to be civil and mature about all of this. But you clearly want the truth? The truth is, I need a wife."

I recoiled in shock and for a moment, seriously thought I was going to faint again. After a split-second of rational thinking, anger took over and my previous thoughts seemed like a great idea. I leant forward, towards Hugo and with a scream of frusturation, connected my fist with his nose.

A feeling of deep satisfaction washed over me as I saw Hugo's legs become airborne and his body topple off the bed.

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