Come, my darkest sinful Muse
And paint a picture with my words
Of a child who grew up abused
Whose screams sound sweetly, like a bird's

A mother dead and father drunk
A child beaten day by day
In Father's shadow child shrunk
And all the world would go away

Her every bruise his every sin
The blood sloshed on the tiled floor
He'd drown the guilt in bottled gin
And child gets beaten some more

She'd sleep upon the dusty ground
And live off food she'd try to sneak
If possessing food she was found
The near future turned very bleak

Her body weak and clothes of rags
And eyes so hollow, sad and dead
Underneath were shadowed bags
And inside a heart filled with dread

She could not survive if this went on
And she began to ponder hard
What if Father just was gone?
A smile appeared on a face so scarred

When Father fell into deepest sleep
The child went and found her prize
In a box under a dirty clothes heap
A demonic fire in her eyes

Carefully creeping behind the couch
Where Father lay, drunk and passed out
She leaped out of her ninja's crouch
And fired a gun around and about

Father's form a bloody pile
Bullet holes scattered throughout his stiff
An end to something very vile
No more beatings, kicks or biffs

A child's innocence lost at birth
A life lost by a mortal crime
Will her soul now haunt the Earth?
Or is forgiveness needed at this time?

Tell me, Muse so dark and vice
Will this child go to Hell?
With her heart as cold as ice
Is she evil? Please, do tell.