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*SPOILERS* Does reveal stuff that has not yet been unveiled in the main story.

Here I was, bored - and not feeling like adding on or correcting the problems of my on going story of WW4 - so, I created a battle scene between two of the main characters of my main story - Lilly vs Zee. (PS: This fight will NEVER take place, i was just bored)

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Another horn went off in the distance. It was five-thirty, rush hour traffic was upon the highway, and everyone seemed unusually irritable during the pounding hot evening. The dry one hundred and ten degree weather had no plan of letting up as the day set into night. The heat beamed off rows and rows of fast moving metal and rubbed so deep it rubbed of onto the people controlling them. Two directions, six lanes and the Thursday before a four day weekend did not help quell the irritability of the thousands of drivers on the I-8 freeway.

Drivers slowed from their rushed seventy five miles per hour home as they admired the dark plumes of smoke just cresting the distant mountains. Fires. Fires were one of the worst fears of a person living in this particular city. Yet, if one was to look at the calendar, it was indeed November and that four day weekend just so happened to be Thanksgiving. It was a perfect time for the dreaded yet famous Santa-Anna winds to pick up and roar over the countryside for days on end. And whenever the Santa-Anna blew strong terrible fires always followed. This Thanksgiving won't be celebrated with happiness and thanks for hundreds of thousands this weekend; Thanksgiving can be guaranteed to be filled with worry, fear, and devastation.

Before the thousands of worried drivers could get home and collect what few things they could shove into a single car. Before they could gather their families, pictures, and most prized possessions to run off hoping their house was the one spared. Two powerful beings covering the news clashed on the very I-8 that was now being blanketed with thick smoke.

It happened quite suddenly, as if they had been fighting for a while now – and the poor I-8 just so happened to be the next destination of the destructive, mind-boggling battle. Black smoke pealed out of nowhere directly in front of a speeding SUV – the driver merely trying to get to his home deep in the mountains before its too late. Something solid was hurled at the windshield. The SUV slammed into it head on. The windshield shattered inward on impact. The blinded, shocked drive spun the wheel into a crash course with the center divide. It struck just as suddenly as the solid object stuck the windshield. The force of steel smashing into concrete at well over sixty miles per hour sent the vehicle into a full spin. Glass flung in every possible direction as a smashed door launched directly into the air during the rapid spin.

The smoke reappeared and engulfed the door as it hit the peak of its upward arch and started its decent. Though the wreckage of the flipping mutilated SUV a thick white beam projected itself and landed square on the forehead of a falling girl that had appeared from within the smoke. The light burned her pale skin, leaving a neat red circle. Angered by the assault the girl flung her body into smoke and brought the twisted door with her.

Then he was there – the second attacker. A boy, he stood evenly on the center divide, just after the crushed concrete where the SUV drilled into it at full speed. He watched from his balanced spot on the center of one of America's most crowded roadways. He watched as panic exploded over the highway, as cars collided into others and even more, being drilled by the remains of the SUV smashed against walls or pulled to a sudden halt. The anxious drivers turned from impatient and rushed to frightened and horrified. The destruction was innumerable. "You don't have to do this Lilly!" The boy yelled out a plea – in hopes it somehow reached the ears of his attacker.

He didn't see the door coming, but he knew from the circumstances of her disappearance that it was currently her best option as a weapon. It came, fast and well aimed. It also came close giving him no opportunity to dodge it. Still enveloped with black smoke from the exit of her jump it slammed into his side like a baseball player slamming his one hundredth home run. She released the bulky metal bat and it flung into some odd direction well clear of the now frozen six lanes on the opposing side of the I-8. As the door hit Zee he flung across the packed six lanes of traffic like a rag doll heaved across a playground. He bounced freely off several car hoods, roofs and even managed to smash a windshield before he came to a sudden stop by demolishing the top end of a tall brick wall and sliding limply down. She followed the trail of dented and smashed cars and hopped from car windshield to car windshield thinking it was a game as she cracked or smashed every piece of glass in her path.

Once over the limp body lain across the melting hot black cement she said in a toying voice, "I was told to kill, to KILL! I can't, no – mustn't disobey an order!" As she leaned over the body she let her hair trickle down over her face and felt the annoying raging heat on her dark clothing. How she hated the heat. How she hated the sun. She pulled her fingers out of a black glove and rubbed her hand over the center of her forehead, the flinched in pain as the raw skin crinkled with the pressure. He gave her a pretty good burn.

A hand grabbed at her leg. She tried to pull away in shock, but couldn't. She looked down and saw one of the boy's hands squeezing firmly around her leg. The body, otherwise inanimate, started talking. Not out of its mouth though– but rather out of thin air. "You don't have to do this Lilly," The voice echoed. Lilly screamed and kicked at the hand tightening around her leg. It let go, yet the voice repeated once more, this time louder, "You don't have to do this Lilly."

This time angered she screamed at the body "Yes I DO!" She kicked it as hard as she could. She felt several bones in the chest crush on impact as the body was smashed into the rough brick wall. The head slammed violently into the wall with the body. The body was tossed a few feet into the slow lane of the highway behind them. Blood drizzled out from now cracked skull and spewed over the concrete highway. The cracks in the road sucked up the blood.

At this point most people from the cars in the close vicinity of the initial attack and ongoing conflict had fled their cars and tried as hard as they could to evade fight. Every car around them was empty. Even on the now silent I-8 that horrid voice spoke up even louder. "You don't have to do this Lilly."

"YES!!!" She exploded into new found fury and lifted the bleeding and broken body into the air with both hands. She looked up at the saturated red face and roared, "Why won't you die!" she pulled her body in and prepared to throw the boy as far as she could. During mid-swing the eyes of the dead body snapped open and locked with hers. For a split second there was nothing except her rage fueled eyes meeting with his cool taunting eyes. Then the body was thrown, and it was thrown well.

It was tossed far down the I-8 deep into the confused traffic building behind wreck she created. Her rage next-to blew out of her body as the taunting eyes locked with hers just before the throw. She chased after the flying body hopping from car hood to car hood as fast as she possibly could. In effect the sound of the cracking windshields and denting cars sounded like a rapid fire machine gun moving rapidly down the congested lanes. She moved so fast she didn't even have time to hear the screams of people reacting to the machine gun of damage railing down the highway.

Her black furious eyes locked onto the small dot of the now descending body. As she tossed her still gloved hand up into the air to point at the descending dot the glove came off. Lilly was so concentrated on tracing down the landing she didn't noticed the off grey bone hand she had pointing into the air. At this point she was so used to it she hardly noticed it was not public knowledge she had it nor normal to have a bone mass over a flesh based hand. People saw this bone as she slowed for the catch and screams the devil or the undead were blasted across the lanes as people fled their vehicles.

A perfect grab.

The car ahead of her stood no chance as her bone hand combined with her flesh hand snagged the shoulders of the rapidly falling body and twisted it over head to give it just enough angle to connect with the hood of the brand new car. In a pool of black smoke the body slammed into the hood. The entire rear of the car was hurled into the air. The car arced into a perfect ninety degree angle with the road before landing upside down in the trunk of a lifted F-150 in front of it. What was left behind after the sudden flip was a deep hole in the highway which apparently marked that the body was thrown though the bridge it had happened to land on.

Lilly reappeared in the same spot as before after the car had passed. Breathing heavily, Lilly looked down the hole. She just happened to toss him down as hard as she could where a side street tunneled under the massive highway. There was no way he could have survived that! Not even someone as enduring as him could take getting hurled with that much force so deep into the ground. Satisfied and sore from the extreme running and heavy kicks and attacks she did she limped slowly over to the center divide of the highway to take a short brake. Lilly sat down and for the first time realized where exactly she was. San Diego. She noticed the black wall moving still closer to the highway and the bands of smoke now above her. Fire?

Something solid slammed into her head and she was forced off her resting place. Her body spun as she fell and there she saw it. Zee, standing in front of her, mouthing, "You don't have to do this Lilly." Before she hit the ground her body turned into smoke and reappeared just behind him with a gun pointed at top of his skull. She shot. Just before she jumped again she could have sworn she heard the bullet somehow hit metal. When she reappeared the gun was reloaded and she let off a second shot. But Zee wasn't there anymore. The bullet flew off aimlessly.

A gun went off behind her and metal hit her leg. The knee buckled. But she kept herself from going down by jumping again, this time into a split. Smoke spewed everywhere on the highway as body parts began to fly randomly at Zee. First a foot appeared and attempted to hit from the back. Blocked. Then a fist to his stomach, blocked. Then an arm flung at the side of his head as an entire small size car was lifted and tossed from the other direction. The tossed car dropped suddenly two lanes from Zee as a shield stopped the arm in its tracks. Then a gunshot went off in two different spots at once but both bullets bounced off his skin like a ball against a wall.

Seemingly tired of the assault Zee lifted a hand and locked onto the smoky end of a leg. He swung the leg around and as if he had grabbed her entire body the rest of the body was flung around as well. Her body parts quickly re-merged with each other and she bounced painfully off the side of an aged minivan. While Lilly was rolling around in pain on the ground between the minivan and a car Zee walked slowly over to her. He crouched down to make sure his face was fairly close to hers and said, "You just don't get it do you? You can't kill me. Not here at least. You don't have to do this Lilly."

Sick of that phrase Lilly used all the strength she could muster up and lunged at Zee. Her fingers grabbed onto the shirt and pulled him down to her. The shirt, battered from all the damage he took earlier, ripped off. Her eyes glazed over the gnarly twisted vine-like knots buried under the skin on his neck and stomach. She then lunged her fangs into his shoulder, just shy of his neck. This was the last resort she had to rely on. If her fangs couldn't kill him, nothing could.

Her favorite liquid filled her mouth, but she had no time for pleasure and quickly forced its dark desires into his shoulder – away from her taste buds to avoid lingering with it too long. With that she started draining his body – with the intentions to suck him so dry he'll never be able to recover. Seconds ticked by as hours as the moment of truth drew closer, would this work? One, two, three, four…

She gagged.

Her eyes burst open from their half closed begging as she forced her lips away from his shoulder and her fangs out from under his skin. What she saw come out from the four neat holes was not red blood, but green, a dark green to be precise. Her head started throbbing as she saw Zee turn around and face his back to her. He scratched at the skin until his finger went under a large previously invisible chunk of it. He pulled at the flap and pealed a good half an inch worth of skin down as if it was a sticker. Behind the sticker was tens of thousands of open veins some so tiny even Lilly couldn't even see them and others large enough you could fit a finger inside the opening. The veins looked as if they led to something – kind of like an electrical wire that has been severed. The flap was like the cap to the severed wire.

Lilly stumbled backwards a bit as if drunk and watched the hundreds of colored veins swirl into a dull mixture. Zee, who she still thought was in front of her, let go of the flap and it snapped shut – sealing itself as if it was never opened. He then turned around and started talking, "You're not the only undead person on this planet. I died and came back long ago. Raised by a monster my world calls The Guardian. I know what death looks like: Nothing. Whatever crap you saw, whatever crap brainwashed you into thinking you could match me, wasn't death. You're a tool in someone's charade game. Just another chess piece they are moving around some large board. You've been played."

Lilly fell to her knees than her face hit the ground. Everything was spinning. Her head was throbbing as more distorted sound entered her faded hearing. It was Zee again, "I'm poisonous. Hurts huh? You didn't have to do this… Lilly." All sound turned into nothing and her eye lids stuck, frozen open. Her body locked up as the last thing she saw was the white concrete center divide of highway I-8.

Her six heartbeats per minute dropped to 0 and her chilly 65.7 body temperature began a sharp incline as the one hundred and ten degree weather took its toll. With the darkening sky this city has a dark future ahead of it. But with a menace like Lilly gone, it will be just a little lighter than before.


1. Who is Zee and what 'world' is he talking about?

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3. What happened to Lilly's hand?

4. Who has experienced the Fires of So-Cal? How was that (I mean without an epic battle on the highway of course)

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