The girl from botany. (adam pointed out to me yesterday, that I like her a little too much)

Mr. Kores feeds us during class. and I was thrilled when he handed me a watermelon (as I have a secret infatuation with melons) and said "cut it up!"
the inside was yellow, which deterred you, but intrigued me.
I took a bite of my second slice and she asked me "does it taste like a regular watermelon?"
I smile around the mouthful, "yeah, want to try?"
I present the slice to her, and she takes is delicately from my hands and nips at the side. Juice slides past your lip ring. (something in me stirs)
"it's good right?" I take the slice back and bite right down over your bite mark.
"yeah, it is!"

I don't look at you much after that.