EMOs Venomous: Aphrodite Academy

By Knightmare Elite

(Aphrodite Academy Series)

This is the 3rd story in the series of Aphrodite Academy one shots. I hope you enjoy it and of course please review. Disclaimer: I obviously don't own The Sims or Nightwish

"You can't be serious!" gasped Ginger in blotches of red. By her inevitable namesake, Ginger's pale face was peppered in fiery freckles, spreading outward to a near waist length blazing mane. "Did you not see Transformers?" Her eyes were a marvel amongst the student populous, an aqua blue reminiscent of tropical waters. They were traits of a Romanian mother and a Turkish father, lesbianism purely innate.

September carefully poured gravy over her meatloaf, glancing at Ginger's overly dramatic antics. Normally the voice of reason in lunch table conversations, September felt a slanted opinion was necessary, if only for the sake of finishing her meal on time. "I have to disagree; Megan Fox is way hotter than Jessica Alba."

Ginger's tomato tan slowly dissipated as she turned with gleaming eyes to September. "I knew you had good taste in women."

"Yes, but I didn't want to hear you moan about Ms. Fox all period. It's bad enough hearing you endlessly whine about Anette replacing Tarja," September admitted. She swirled her meatloaf in the mash potatoes, and took bite, watching Ginger's face shift through the motions.

"Ugh, I swear, you'll agree with anything Ginger says to keep her happy," Pricilla sneered. She was the archetypical blonde of the trio. Born into a conservative faming family, deep in Kansas, Pricilla was bestowed with sunny blonde shoulder length hair, cerulean blue eyes often mistaken for green, and a perfect girl next-door smile. She was a spirited fifteen and loyal friend, despite her sophomoric nature.

September shrugged and sipped her fruit juice. "Come on now, Alba's pretty, but she can't match Fox. Did you not see that photo shoot she did last month?" A smile appeared on September's lips, knowing she downloaded the entire set.

Freshly turning sixteen, September considered herself wise beyond her years, and the most mature of her friends. She played a parental role between Pricilla and Ginger, often doling suggestive advice on subjects outside her experience.

"Well can we all agree that they're both hot?" Ginger compromised. She looked around the cafeteria, slowing her gaze to Harmony Wright. "…why can't she sit here?"

"Because we're not whiny emo brats," September directly answered.

"Well, most of us," Pricilla corrected with a wink to Ginger.

"Shut up, I'm not emo, I just like the music it's catchy. Is that a crime?" Ginger asked, taking a mouthful of meatloaf.

September turned her attention to the flippant Harmony, wrinkling her nose in annoyance. "I don't get what you see in her. She's so one dimensional, nothing more than another sheep with scene hair, funeral makeup and an 'I'm a standardized individual' wardrobe."

"You have to give her credit for making her uniform stand out. It's weird though, before Harmony, I've never seen a black emo, puts a swerve on that whole 'poor little rich girl' thing." Pricilla paused, giving Ginger a once over. "Then again I never thought it was possible to have lava colored hair."

"I hope you're not intending on turning that into a corny gay joke," September groaned.

Pricilla brought up a spoon full of apple cobbler and shook her head. "Nah, too easy. Hey wouldn't it be funny if Harmony dyed her hair the color of Ginger's?"

"I think it would look cute with her complexion, what do you think, Ginger?" September asked.

"Do you think she'd go out with me?" Ginger softly asked her dearest friends.

September leisurely finished her meatloaf and motioned to the adjacent table. "Were you even listening to anything we just said?"

"No," Ginger honestly answered.

September hung her head in a weary sigh, "Why do we even bother?"

"Because you LOVE me," Ginger sang. She batted her eyes at September noting the avoidance. "We should totally go to the Farewell Summer Ballroom dance together--"

September's eyes rapidly danced across the room, body shifting away from Ginger in the awkward proposal. "…really?" The word quivered through an elated breath. A soft light cast throughout the room, and soft music filtered the air with pink silhouettes of Ginger and September slow dancing.

"—yeah, if neither of us has a date by then. I'd ask Pricilla, but there's that off chance we might kiss during a slow dance," Ginger cheerfully admitted.

The kissing silhouettes vanished in a puff of smoke, and September frowned at her recklessness. "So I'm your safety net now?" Bitterness spiked her words in a rare loss of composure.

"No, I didn't mean it like that." Ginger threw her arms around September holding her tightly, "I trust you, that's why."

September unlatched Ginger's hands from her back, relishing the awkward intimacy. "I guess that's not a bad thing."

"When did we stop talking about Harmony?" Pricilla chimed in.

September narrowed her eyes to the grinning blonde. Her view was momentary blocked by a veil of fiery hair.

Ginger returned to her seat casting love struck eyes on Harmony. "She's so cool; my dark princess with lips like morphine."

"Oh grow a personality!" September scoffed.

"So you're saying you wouldn't want a girl saying sweet sappy things to you?" Ginger asked her perturbed friend.

"I never said that," September corrected. "What I'm saying is you're too caught up in mainstream, and besides, there is no perfect girl. Those morphine lips will start tasting like lemons after a few months."

"What about Shiharu Arai? She's one of the most beautiful girls in school, and she's so nice. I wish I were a junior so I could have lunch with her," Pricilla sadly explained.

"I know! It was SO romantic when her girlfriend made her that cake last year. If a girl ever did anything that sweet for me, we'd have to do it," Ginger, with a hand over her bosom, solemnly pledged.

"You'd seriously give it up for some cake?" September lost a shred of respect for her bff in that moment. "Where's your dignity?"

"But it was an amazing cake, and it tasted good as sin. How cool was it that she shared like half the cake with our lunch period! Tori put a ton of effort into making that cake, and all she got was a kiss, and had to wait like a year to go out with Shiharu. Totally unfair. If I meant that much to a girl, that I liked, I'd totally reciprocate," Ginger promised.

"You know, that sorta does make you sound like Madeline Gutierrez," Pricilla sneered.

All three paused in a visual montage of Madeline during the fall fashion show.

"She's so hot, but everyone says she's a slut. I doubt she's slept with THAT many girls," Ginger wondered.

"I hope I have a chest like hers when I'm seventeen. Those things are perfect. Someone told me, that same day Tori gave Shiharu that cake, Urumi heard a rumor Madeline slept Rachael Simmons the night before. That's so trashy," Pricilla noted.

"I wouldn't put it past her. You don't get the reputation of being the school slut for no reason. Last month, when I went to the rec room get to my Twilight DVD, I saw a girl leaving Madeline's room, after curfew! She had lipstick all over her face and everything," September said.

"Wow, I wonder what sex feels like," Pricilla airily pondered.

September's cheeks flushed, seeing the similar effect across Ginger's peppered cheeks. "Can we not talk 'S'? You always turn the conversation so perverted…" She drew a slow breath, letting the subject dwindle.

Pricilla looked at Ginger who seemed just as uncomfortable with the topic. "You are such old ladies! Sex is totally natural and amazing. Well, I mean, I haven't had it yet but when I do, it'll rock. I've seen some of my brother's porn when he wasn't--"

"Seriously, Pricilla, shut up! We're not talking about sex, alright?" September warned. She watched the fork wobble within her trembling hand.

"Guys talk about sex and masturbating all the time, when I say something, it's icky. Don't act like you don't do it," Pricilla spat. She picked at her meatloaf, shyly looking at her blushing friends. "Come on what's the big deal?"

"Why do you have to play on all the gay stereotypes? Just because we go to school here isn't an excuse to act like some 'out of control teen'. Our parents sent us here so that we can be okay with who we are, and not feel ashamed about being gay. So stop being so damn flamboyant and pervy!" September snapped.

"Damn, September, that was harsh," Ginger said while stroking Pricilla's shoulder. "You're wrong. Even if Pricilla's a huge pervert, she's still like the rest of us. The point is that here, we can be ourselves without being afraid, getting beaten up or worse."

Pricilla nodded, steadily meeting September's eyes in an apologetic stare. "She's right you know. I do think about sex a lot, and there's nothing wrong with that. Why aren't you jumping on Ginger for wanting to sleep with the first girl who buys her dessert?"

Ginger laughed. "Okay, now that I think about it that does sound pretty stupid. I'd make out with her, better?"

"I guess," September sighed.

"I'm sorry. I'll try to keep the sex talk at a minimum," Pricilla promised.

"It's just that my parents are really strict about that stuff," September admitted. "My mom told me that…masturbating was dirty, so I never did. And still--"

"TMI, SO not lunch table convo!" Ginger alerted with an abundance of eavesdroppers in range.

September looked around the casually turning heads. It wasn't uncommon for sex related talks to garner unwanted attention. "Can we just change the topic, please?"

"Sure," Ginger chimed. "I want to ask Harmony out, but I don't know how to go about it."

If you went out with Harmony, you'd take a serious social hit, and have to deal with her endlessly fabricated emo drama. Personally, I don't think Harmony's worth the endless defenses of your character," Pricilla laboriously explained.

"Jesus Pricilla, you make it seem like Ginger's choosing a running mate. Yeah Harmony's a drama queen, but aren't we all in some way? I don't know, they could make a cute couple," September said.

"Well…" Pricilla critically examined Ginger. "Admittedly, you do have that emo flare. With the fire burnt hair, peppered on freckles, and those amazingly pretty blue eyes, all you'd need is some charcoal mascara. Oh and cut your hair, then ruffle it to look like you forever just got out of bed."

"Really, Pricilla, you have too much free time," Ginger mused. She lifted a handful of hair, flowing over her fingers like a volcanic waterfall. "I'd LOVE to have scene hair, but there aren't any tutorials for redheads. It's all blonde and black hair, so biased."

September gasped with a raised finger, "Idea!"

Ginger pulled her chair over in anticipation "Listening." She leaned on September's shoulder, a habit of fondness. "Well?"

September felt the slightest tingle from the Ginger's fingertip touching the nape of her neck. The bustling cafeteria quieted at a glimpse of those eyes, aquatic tranquility. In those scathing seconds, September felt the fingers move closer, soft against her skin. She took an aromatic breath of Orchid Splash, Ginger's perfume. "Why…not," she dryly began.

"You are SO weird sometimes," Ginger laughed. Her eyes expanded taking on a cornflower blue tinge, shimmering lilac encrusted lips pursing to a most impassionate pout, "fine, leave me hanging."

"No," September whispered, clutching Ginger's wrist. "You could ask Harmony to style your hair. She does her own, and a few other people's." She quickly released Ginger's wrist before Pricilla's careful eyes.

"Duh, why didn't I think of that?" Ginger threw her arms around September in a smothering embrace. "You're a genius." Her eyes returned to their near translucency in calmer spirits. "Hey, I'm going to go ask her. With any luck I can sneak in a flirt without sounding dorky."

"I'd like to see that," Pricilla teased as Ginger headed toward Harmony's table. She turned to September, steadily watching Ginger. "You are so sad."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," September said while turning her attention to the apple cobbler in her tray.

"Cut the crap, September. It's painfully obvious you like Ginger," Pricilla accused.

"I do not!" September snapped.

Pricilla smirked in the hasty response. "What's the big deal, if you like Ginger, ask her out. You're practically best friends--"

"And that's the problem…assuming there's any truth to your accusation." September sighed, miserably finishing her cobbler.

"We've all known each other since we were thirteen; you've always stood by and supported Ginger through her endless crushes. Did it ever occur to you she might feel the same way? Come on now, she blatantly flirts with you in gym class or what about just now, totally feeling you up," Pricilla accused.

A betraying blush accompanied September's smile. "Fine, maybe I do sort of like Ginger. But you're not saying a word to her!"

"That girl's not too quick on the uptake sometimes." Pricilla looked over at Ginger, jittering over Harmony's apparent acceptance of the request. "Well I'll be damned; Harmony's following her over here!"

September spun around nearly tipping her chair. The room momentarily blurred taking in the discouraging sight. "Really? Is it THAT easy to get girls now? Ginger can't have a girlfriend before me, she's only 15!"

"Hello, I'm fifteen too, and I seriously doubt they're dating. The only girl that easy is Madeline and she's a junior," Pricilla corrected.

"I hope you're right, but, why is she coming to our table?" September groaned.

"Don't you mean, why aren't you the one keeping Ginger up at night?" Pricilla giggled.

"Shut it!" September snapped.

"Everyone, this is Harmony," Ginger ecstatically introduced.

"I downloaded her Sim off the exchange. She has the emo trait that makes her 'contemplate self worth' and randomly cry," September curtly reminded. She forced a smile at her 'eternally depressed' classmate. "Hey, Sunshine."

"I have her Sim in my town too. She's dating Madeline, they woo hoo all the time," Pricilla said.

"As if! I'd never put that skank in my town," Harmony scoffed.

"Could I be in your town?" Ginger asked. "80 people already downloaded my Sim, and 12 recommended. It's totally the hair."

"Yeah, you did an awesome job, she really looks like you, especially your hair and eyes, they're amazing," Harmony gleefully complimented following an extended stare at said attributes.

Ginger nudged September and flashed a cocky grin.

Harmony pulled a stray chair and sat next to September. "I wish my hair had this texture." She streamed September's brunette locks through her fingers.

"Knock it off!" September hissed. She wiggled from Harmony's fingers, cutting her eyes to Ginger. "Is there something you wanted?"

Harmony pulled back her hands, staring wide-eyed at September. "I'm sorry. You have really nice hair, that's all. Mine is so dull, can't really do much with it. Ginger's hair is amazing."

"What are you talking about? Your hair is so puffy; seriously, how long do you have to spend to make it do that?" September asked.

"Not long, just like half an hour. When I first started doing my hair I had to use tutorials, it took an hour. Now I make my own, for people with my kind of hair," Harmony explained.

"Black people," September corrected.

Harmony rolled her eyes. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"September, that's not cool," Ginger warned.

"Chill out, she doesn't mean anything by it," Pricilla said in defense. "You have to admit, it's out of the norm to see black girl that's emo."

"Okay, I see your point. But this is who I've always been. The whole 'scene' just became part of it. I am diagnosed with chronic depression you know, so it's not all an act like you keep insisting," Harmony defended.

"Hello, we're lesbians, half the frickin' school is on meds! Not everyone feels the need to draw attention to themselves because of it. And furthermore--" September hushed seeing the shame on Harmony's face. "…I'm sorry."

"It's not fair to act like you're better than everyone else, just because you're 'normal'. Why are you always such a bitch to me?" Harmony wiped her eyes with her sleeves, smearing the charcoal eyeliner.

"Oh great, now you made her cry. We're never going to hear the end of this," Pricilla groaned.

Ginger took the prime opportunity to embrace Harmony, offering a shoulder to cry on. "September's really nice once she warms up to you."

"She hates me, she always has," Harmony wept.

"I don't hate you," September sourly stated.

Harmony took a napkin from Ginger, wiping her eyes. "Then why are you so mean to me? I don't hate you."

"I've always found emo people annoying. You all go around whining about how much life sucks, when in reality, you have rich loving parents who spoil you rotten. Even if you are legitimately depressed, you're still an attention whore," September callously explained.

"Well, since it's clear that you're always going to have issues with me, can I just say something here and now?" Harmony asked.

"Sure," September agreed.

Harmony's eyes wandered down the table, focusing on a speck of ketchup. "I…like you." She stole a glance at September, as quickly refocusing on the ketchup.

"WHAT!" Ginger stammered.

"No way!" Pricilla gasped.

September remained quiet.

"It's not a big deal," Harmony sighed.

"Yes it is, you like September even though she treats you like crap. Are you one of those people that enjoy being talked down to?" Pricilla asked.

"Pricilla shut up!" Ginger spat. She took the news hard, trying to understand how her crush could fall for another. "Well, say something, September."

"Am I supposed to be flattered?" September shrugged in the unanticipated spotlight.

"Is it because she's sixteen?" Ginger softly asked.

"Hmm, September & Harmony, now that would be an interesting couple. It's the stuff clichés are made of. The tragically hip emo falls for the pretentious valley girl, EPIC irony," Pricilla laughed.

Ginger looked at September's flustered face, fretting at the possibility of losing Harmony's interest. "Would you go out with her?"

September, for the first time, pondered the idea of dating a girl so far out of her comfort zone. She longed to run her fingers through Ginger's hair, feel the softness of those lips against her own. It was always Ginger, or so September assumed. Her eyes darted between the two teens, flame hair vs. scene hair.

"Maybe," September peeped.

"Y…you really mean that?" Harmony skeptically asked. She looked at her black knitted knee socks, and September's embroidered silver socks. "Why?"

"I don't know," September flatly answered.

"Her niceness comes and goes," Pricilla mused.

"Have you ever had a girlfriend?" Harmony asked.

September, looking in the general direction of Ginger, shook her head. "I always wanted my first kiss by fifteen and my first girlfriend by sixteen. Then, by seventeen, I wouldn't be afraid of sex. So far I'm striking out on all fronts."

Harmony inched her chair closer to September, noting the lack of resistance. "Not that I'm ungrateful for incite on your life. But, why are you telling me this?"

"Maybe I want you to see I'm not a stuck up bitch." September noticed their closeness, staring at Harmony's clasped hands. "Or maybe, I'm just a scared little girl."

"Okay, seriously, who are you and what have you done to September?" Pricilla asked.

"This is all too weird. You can't like September!" Ginger whined. She fought the urge to take Harmony's hand, and brush the slender fingers against her cheek. "…you can't."

"I never said I liked her," September answered, guarded.

"Maybe confessing wasn't such a bad idea after all." Harmony pushed the empty tray aside, looking into September's distracted eyes. "Would it really be that bad to date me? Who cares what they think."

"That's the difference between us, Harmony," September, after an extended silence, answered. She looked past Harmony to Ginger, seemingly flabbergasted by the developments. "I care what people think, whether or not that makes me shallow, I don't know."

Pricilla leaned back on her chair to Ginger, both watching the drama unfold. "Is September acting strange to you?"

"This is a complete disaster," Ginger groaned. Her heart sank seeing Harmony freely touch September's arm. "What does September have that I don't? Girls hit on me all the time, and the one that I like, suddenly doesn't know I exist."

"…Farewell Summer Ballroom dance with me?" Harmony shyly asked with September's trembling hand within hers.

September's fingers relaxed against the softness of Harmony's. The invitation lingered as a passable rung on the social hierarchy. She thought of Ginger's invitation, an unrequited affair of pink and bliss. Anger was the dominate emotion in the assessment of Ginger's offer. "Yes."

"You don't even like her!" Ginger whined. She rushed around the table and separated their hands. "I was supposed to go to the Farewell Summer Ballroom dance with Harmony."

"I'm sorry," Harmony said. She turned to Ginger, seeing the hurt in her eyes. "I didn't mean to lead you on. I've been trying to build up the nerve to ask September out for months, and felt like it was now or never."

"But I was going to ask you to the dance," Ginger insisted.

"I was your safety date. Harmony actually wants to go out with me. Can't you let me have this one thing, Ginger?" September stressed.

"You don't have to prove anything by going out with her--"

"Ginger, don't," September warned.

Pricilla touched Ginger's shoulder, easing her back as the situation soured. "September's always been behind you on your crushes; let her get the girl for once."

September's face slipped into her palm, hearing Ginger's blatant disregard for her feelings. "Are you selfish enough to let a girl come between us?" She forced under the mounting scrutiny.

Ginger's chest puffed, and fell, gradually shaking her head. "No."

"Everyone needs to chill out," Pricilla advised. "Look, it's just for the dance, one date, right?" Her eyes switched between the three in a hopeful agreement.

"I guess," September sighed.

Harmony stared at her lap, flinching in September's labored sigh. "I wanted to hang out with you, before the dance. But if you don't want to, that's…okay."

"Really," September asked. She turned to Harmony with an actual smile penetrating her scowl.

"Yeah," Harmony, sensing the genuine interest, answered. She shyly touched September's hands, feeling the softness, drawing in her perfume, and lost in her eyes as the train of thought reformed, "Tori Smith is teaching a desert baking class tomorrow afternoon."

"Oh I saw flyers! I heard she might show how to make sprinkleberries," Pricilla gasped.

Ginger remained quiet.

"I'm not really good at cooking. I can make apple pie, using filling and a premade crust," September admitted. She saw Harmony's smile and felt her own enlarging. "Are you asking me to be your cooking partner?"

"Would you?" Harmony begged.

September paused; looking at Pricilla who frantically nodded, and Ginger who only after another moment of grief, met her eyes.

"It's okay; I really do want you to be happy. It just sucks how this all blew up in my face. We're still friends, right?" Ginger softly asked.

"Of course," September clarified. She pulled Ginger to her shoulder with a cloud of lava against her cheek. "There isn't any reason why we can't all be friends."

"My parents have been down on me for months to make more friends," Harmony said. She fidgeted as September's attention returned with intrigued eyes. "What?"

"Mine will be relieved that I finally have a real date to a dance," September added.

Ginger sat up and looking at her best friend and crush touching hands once more. "I don't think I've ever gone dateless to a dance. Maybe going stag could work out."

"Seeing as you spend every dance making out with your date, you might actually make it to the floor this time," Pricilla pleasantly reminded.

"You do have a reputation for memorable dates, Ginger. That's something I'd be careful with; you don't want to be considered "The Sophomore Madeline," Harmony advised.

Ginger's freckles darkened as she jumped to the defense. "Hey, I've never done ANYTHING, other than make out with girls. I admit it gets really physical sometimes, but I really like kissing. There's nothing wrong with that."

September touched Ginger's shoulder, feeling the rises beneath her fingers. "Just be careful, okay?"

"I must sound like the typical 'out of control' 15yr olds on those talk shows. The candy store effect will eventually wear off, just takes longer for some of us," Ginger said.

Pricilla gripped her tray as the period was about to end. "I'm thinking about asking Mandy Parker to the dance. She's a good dancer, and really cute.

"You should go for it," Harmony advised.

Pricilla spied Mandy and nodded. "Do you think you could do my hair like yours? I always wondered how I'd look with scene hair."

Harmony ran her fingers through Pricilla's hair and shrugged. "Yeah, I could work with this." She turned back to September in a lapse of courage. "Can I do yours, please?"

"No," September sighed. She crossed her legs, foot shaking anxiously in the repeated request. "I won't date someone who tries to change me."

"Alright," Harmony whispered.

"Now that's the September we've grown to love," Pricilla said.

"Frigid to the core," Ginger implied.

September's eyes closed in deflection of the assumptions. She saw the magical ballroom once again, now filtered through opaque haze, dancing in a flowing white gown and white gloves. In her arms was Harmony, wearing a black corset gown with fishnet gloves. Their bodies moved in sync to Scarborough Fair, eyes locked as the space between lips faded in that effervescent touch.

"She's totally blushing," Pricilla smirked.

The serenity rapidly deconstructed amidst the cackling. September shamefully opened her eyes, truly seeing Harmony for the first time. "It's not funny, stop it!" Her anger only fueled their laughter at the obvious nature. "Why aren't you laughing?"

Harmony shrugged. "I don't know, if you were thinking about me, it's flattering," she leaned out of earshot, "were you?"

"I'm not talking about it," September flatly answered.

"I'm definitely looking forward to this dance. Ten bucks says they'll be making out before the night's over," Pricilla said.

"That seems too fast. September's never even kissed a girl before, wouldn't that be overwhelming?" Ginger figured.

"I'm right here!" September reminded.

"There's no pressure for anything. We're just friends, and if things go that way, then we'll see, okay?" Harmony promised.

September contemplated her first kiss. It was a milestone in her young life, like her virginity, it was sacred and could only be offered or stolen, once. Her heart pounded in thoughts of sharing it with Harmony, a girl who less than ten minutes ago held no value. "I am just a teenager," she despairingly remarked.

"We all are," Harmony agreed.

"No, I mean…" September frowned in the collapse of her defenses. "I always felt, if I was mature then I'd meet someone who likes me for me."

"I do like you for who you are, doesn't that mean anything?" Harmony worried.

"It does. I always had this expectation of my first love, and how things were supposed to pan out. Life is really unpredictable, and maybe something good will come out of this. I have to believe that," September pledged.

"Of course, we'll learn how to make sprinkleberries!" Harmony grinned.

"Count me in, those things look delicious," Pricilla drooled.

"I bought one during the Easter bake sale. Delicious! I wanted another but they were sold out in minutes," Ginger said.

"Can I still do your hair, Ginger?" Harmony hopefully asked.

Ginger nodded while lifting her hair and letting it run through her fingers. "Can you make it puff back like yours, or is it too long?"

"No that's fine, I'll just have to press it and stuff, but it's definitely doable. What about you Pricilla? Your hair is short, but I think I can manage something, if you don't mind extensions. I can get some from Beverly," Harmony offered.

The bell rang and the students rushed to return their trays, and file out the cafeteria. As everyone said their goodbyes, September pulled Harmony to one side in a bid of secrecy.

"What's wrong?" Harmony asked.

September's cheeks flushed as the cafeteria emptied. "I'm really scared, but excited to finally do something with a girl." She crossed her legs, arms nervously twisting. "Would being partners in the cooking class be considered a date?"

"Only you like me more than a friend," Harmony answered.

September stared at the ground as the second bell rang. "I'm not sure how I feel yet. But I want to go with you, and to the dance. I'm not good with relationships, but--"

"There's no pressure, we'll go as friends. Same as the dance, and whatever happens, happens, okay?" Harmony explained.

"Okay," September softly answered as her heart rate normalized.

"Good, now let's go before we're late for class!" Harmony advised while taking September's hand scurrying past the incoming freshmen.