A/N: Just something I wrote while bored in History one day.

It was among the flowering buds down in the lush green meadow that he had found the younger man. He lay with a weed hanging from between his teeth, hands folded behind his head as he stared idly up at the fluffy white clouds. A soft tune filled the air as he hummed, dreaming of the old days when places like this weren't so hard to find.

The lycan stopped, staring down at the blond who was yet to notice his presence. He looked so calm, so peaceful like this. The sunshine lighting up his face, the fresh air gently toying with the stray stands of golden hair. He seemed to belong here, amongst the swaying grass blades. But not he, a lycan. A beast kept as a slave to more horrific creatures. This was not a place for him.

Dark brown hair growing in mattered clumps, work callused hands. He seemed to corrupt the scenery, like a stain upon white satin. His broad shoulders sloped, muscles jagged along his frame. Dirt stained his skin, the colour forgotten with the years he had been covered with it. No, he did not belong in a place like this. He didn't deserve to see such beauty.

Blue eyes stared up at him, a playful smile reaching their corners. "Lex!" the blond exclaimed, happy to see his friend. "Look, Lex!" he said, pointing up at the sky. "There's a big white cloud up there and it looks just like you!" The lycan's head tilted back, peering up at said cloud. It did look like him. A giant wolf with peaking shoulders, hair flowing wildly from his mane as he loped carelessly through fields of flowers. A soft smile covered his lips.

"Why yes, it does look like me. A great wolf with mangy fur." Within his easy smile, there was a sadness. A sadness at the memories of being able to run free like his brethren. He missed it. It had been so long that he had almost forgotten about the times when he was his own master, not some lap dog for a vampire. But that had been long ago, long before the beautiful boy before him was destined to be born.

He lowered himself to sit among the swaying grass, his outline an insult to the blue sky. "I remember when I used to look like that. When I could run free and chase the deer." The blond rolled over, his chin resting in his soft hands. "Tell me, Lex. Tell me about the time when you ran with the wolves."

Another soft smile.

"In the spring time, we would roll in the grass," he said. "And chase the darting rabbits just for fun. Some of the rabbits even seemed to enjoy the thrill, darting from hole to hole just to see if they could escape our clutches." His ears lowered slightly. "The water would be as clear as glass and we could see the fish sluggishly swimming at the bottom. I remember the pups swimming down to see who could catch one and swim with it in the shallow waters near the shore."

The blond seemed enthralled with the idea.

"But that was so long ago. I do not remember much anymore. The memories are nothing but a distant dream now. Something I barely think of in these days. But tell me, little one, why the interest in an old wolf's story?" The blond smiled, his slightly upturned nose wrinkling a little around the edges.

"You see, Lex," he began, pushing himself up into a sitting position. "I want to be like you. I want to run among the lilies in the pond's water and chase the rabbits for fun. To feel the wind blowing through my fur and hear it rushing past my ears." The lycan seemed taken aback by this news. It was not something you heard coming from a teenaged human anymore. Not since the vampires had moved in and made things 'better for the people'.

"Now, why would you want to be like big old me? I smell and sleep in a cage for most nights and turn into a monstrous animal when the full moon shines." The blond smiled at this. He came to stand, walking over to Lex to stop in front of him. Even standing next to the sitting lycan, he was still a few inches shorter.

"Because, Lex. I had always admired you when I saw you loping through the grass. I had always wanted that wild grace you have. A grace not even vampires possess." As he said this, the boy had began to fade. His body no longer had substance. It was time for him to return to the netherworld, the world of the dead. Lex watched sadly.

A large, callused hand came up, hovering up a cheek on the boy's face. Lex couldn't touch it, even if he wanted to. "Say hello to your mother for me, won't you?" he said softly. The blond nodded, his transparent hand resting over the lycans. "I will. Goodbye, Lex." And with that, he was gone.

"Goodbye, my son."