London, June 1837

Rain poured down from the heavens, darkening the Victorian city of London. But the festivities held indoors were not dampened by such downfall. Colour and light shine through the darkness, masks and rich clothes were on display by much of the social class.

A tall, thin man stood against the large stairs, "Nero!" A voice boomed over the crowd, and a strong hand gripped the thin man around the shoulders. "What!? Such a somber face for such festivities!" The large man laughed richly.

"A thousands apologies Lord Sebastian. The rain has dampened my spirits." Nero replied.

Lord Sebastian laughed again, "Surely a fine woman has caught your eyes." He said guiding Nero around the hall, Nero gripped his cane trying not to fall over.

"I am afraid not sir. For I can neither see the beautiful nor the average." He replied, his black hair bounced around his face, Lord Sebastian looked taken back.

"It is my turn to apologise, in this time of happiness I had forgotten about your blindness." He said almost sadly. "Come we shall lighten those dampened spirits of yours. Rain or not."


Outside in the rain soaked streets, three figures clad in black cloaks stood. "Мощный Feast до нас." The figure on the right said, a female.(1)
"Неразумно крупного рогатого скота" The one on the left said, a male. "Сейчас Иван?" he asked the middle figure. (2)

"Мы будем ждать." The middle man replied. (3)


Nero stood with back to a wall as his lord went socialising. He gripped the top of his cane, the leather of his gloves creeked as he twisted his cane. He stumbled when someone walked into him, "Oh I'm sorry." came the voice.

Nero steadied himself, "It's alright M'lady." Nero replied, a sweet smell hit his senses, and a gental hand came to his thin arm.

"Are you alright sir, you look awfully pale." She said concerned.

"I'm alright Miss....? I'm sorry I don't know your name." He said, smiling softly, he heard her laugh gentally.

"I'm sorry, my name is Elizabeth Fraser." She replied, "And you good sir?"

"Dr. Nero Le Noir." He replied.

"Dr. Le Noir..... why do you not look at me?" She asked, she stood in front of him. A small gasp escaped her lips, "Oh I didn't realise." She said.


"Сейчас мы делаем вход." The middle man said, walking. No.... striding towards the large wooden doors. (4)

The other two nodded and followed the tall man.


Nero smiled as Elizabeth rested her head on his shoulder, they were seated away from the dance floor, far enough not to be run over. He rested his head on hers.

The large wooden front door flew open, and everything went quiet, both Nero and
Elizabeth were on their feet. After a few words echoed in the hall, the screaming started, and all hell broke loose.

Elizabeth clung to his arm, and they were swept through the chaos. He dragged them out of the crowd and into the clear. Something hit Nero in the back of the head, he heard Elizabeth scream then he heard nothing.


"такой хорошенький лицо." A female voice came entered his conciseness, "Мы можем сохранить его?" (5)

Nero sturred, "Where is Elizabeth?" He asked.

"Your Lady is gone." A cold male voice answered him, the speaker had a Russian accent.

Nero struggled to get up, "What did you do to her?" He asked with a slight growl.

A second male voice laughed, "Такие огня!" It said, "Иван борьбы с ним." (6)


(1) (A mighty feast awaits us)
(2) (Foolish cattle) (What now Ivan)
(3) (We wait.)
(4) (Now we make our entrance)
(5) (Such a pretty person.) (Can we keep him)
(6) (Such Fire) (Ivan deal with him.)