by Maria Gracia.

I've come to the conclusion, that the void in my heart

It's equal to the one in my mind,

Equal to the one in my soul.

Hollow smiles that never reach the eyes.

What's really happening?

There must be a reason.

There is always one.

Am I living life? Or just filling time?

Time freezes.

A minute becomes an hour.

Today passes like yesterday.

When did I start to fall?

No one stops my march.

Not a friendly face turns as I stumble.

Not one that holds concern on their gaze.

Am I really empty?

Will I ever be filled?

Or is it default setting?

Porcelain girl.

Vacant and cold.

Have I been full before?

I don't remember.

What will happen once I reach the floor?

Will I smash into 1000 pieces?

Will it be then when the world stops spinning?

Empty, hollow, screwed.

Nothing has been able to fill this up.

Not permanently. Not now.

Am I a black hole?

Empty and packed all at the same time?

Absent of color, emotion, life.

I love the night;

Not for the apparent peace,

But because it bring truth with her.

There are no masks.

No smile that never reach the eyes.

There is nothing.

When did it all begin?

When did I start to fall?

Or have I never moved?

Perhaps I'm holding the chair that hard.

Is it empty? Or just crammed with shit?

So many unanswered questions.