New York City, NY

"Your father will be with you in just a moment Mr. Haven," the blonde-haired secretary told him. She then returned to her paperwork she had been working on, leaving the newly 18 year-old Lucas Haven to occupy himself until his father was available.

Lucas took in the familiar surroundings of the room. The numerous plush white chairs, one of which he had made himself comfortable in, made one feel as if they were floating on clouds. They even gave of the illusion of being a cloud with the sky blue walls that surrounded the room. It should have given off a relaxing feel to anyone there, but nothing was able to make Lucas feel at ease. He wasn't anywhere near being relaxed. While often making personal visits, he had never been required to see his father at his office and discuss something with him. Not once in the eighteen years he had been alive. Any other time his father may have needed to speak to him, he would have called Lucas on his cell phone or else wait until they could talk face to face once both had arrived home. So, whatever it was that his father needed Lucas to meet him at his office was exceedingly important or urgent. And there was a great possibility that it could be both. That fact alone didn't do anything to ease the growing ball of nerves that had taken residence Lucas' stomach.

He began to jiggle his right leg, a nervous habit of his, coinciding with his thoughts of any possible topic he was about to hear from his father. There was the possibility that his father was upset with him, thought he highly doubted that, seeing as he never went against his father. There was also the chance of his father just wanting to go over any college plans and preparations. He dismissed that idea because he knew his father could just do that at home, not needing to take time out of his busy day to go over such trivial things compared to everything else on his plate.

Then, the one option Lucas would actually excite him came to mind. Could his father have finally decide to allow Lucas the chance of taking on the task of a special mission for him?

He shook his head immediately after thinking of such an absurd thought. He highly doubted his father would relent after many years and countless useless persuasions on Lucas's part. Though his greatest desire was to stand by his father's side and help him run the family business, he knew it was unlikely at his young age. He could never compete with the skill that the rest of his father's workers had. How could one eighteen year old guy compare to the most powerful and trusted Angels around?

After all, one would not expect anything less when his dad was the one that had created Earth and Heaven. Lucas' father was the one and only God. Which in turn made Lucas, the son of God, and having high expectations of his ability to do his job to perfection.

Consumed by his wandering thoughts, he hadn't heard the phone on the secretary's desk. He was jerked back to the present by the sound of her voice calling his name. "Mr. Haven?" she asked as he looked up at her. "Your father is ready to see you now. Go right in."

"Thank you Char," he said as he rose from his seat. "And when will you call me Lucas? I've known you since I was born."

"When I feel like it. Now go on, he's waiting for you," she told him with a small smile gracing her lips.

Lucas made his way down the short, yet seeming everlasting, hallway, waving a small goodbye to Charmeine. The smile she had given him was angelic. He shouldn't have expected anything less though, she was after all an Angel, one of the most trusted by his father too. He liked Charmeine, Char as he called her, along with everyone else that worked for his father. How could he not? They all had a common interest- love unconditionally and protect everything pure and good. It was a great feeling to be around them, and to finally be inside his father's office, where the Angel's assignments were handed out.

Soon enough, Lucas had come to a halt, standing less than a foot away from the gold door that lead to his father. He knocked once to let him know he was just outside the door, then waited for a reply. The ball of nerves seemed to double in size during the few seconds it took for him to receive a response from within.

"Come in," a masculine voice laced with authority responded to the knock.

Lucas pushed open the door to reveal an office with the purest shade of white on the walls, and gold crown molding along the ceiling and floor. The floor itself was made from gold, and he felt as if he shouldn't be walking on something so beautiful. When raising his eyes to take in his father's d├ęcor, he saw his father shuffling documents on his desk, eyes giving the impression of him being in deep thought. His father was hunched over his desk, almost off the edge of the high throne-like chair. The desk was a white and light gray marble, with the gold molding along the edges. It and his father was place directly in the middle of the floor to ceiling window that overlooked the city. The whole picture in front of him gave off the vibe that the man he was in the presence of had great power. Which he most certainly had.

"Lucas," he nodded to his son, finally looking up from the papers in his hand. "I'm glad you're here."

"It's not a problem," he replied, taking a seat across from him that his dad motioned him to. "I figured it must be important if you asked me to come meet you here. Any other time it could wait until you arrived home."

"It is Lucas," he paused, breathing in a deep breath, then letting it out slowly before he continued, looking his son directly in the eye. "It's a matter involving the possible deaths of everyone living on Earth."

A/N: I reposted the prologue because I wasn't entirely happy with the first one- mainly the second part of it. I ended at this part again because it will be explained in chapter 1, which I am currently working on (along with chapter 4 of You Belong With Me). Hopefully this new prologue will be better than the first one.