Chapter 1:

Lucas' POV

I was sprawled out across my king size bed in my new room in my new apartment. The entire room was bare, and the white walls were nothing compared to those that were in my father's office. Those were the purest of white, and they gave me the feeling of purity and goodness. The washed out white in my new bedroom, had a tendency to bring my spirits down. I was still reeling from the shock of the conversation I had with my father. A conversation that, in less than twenty-four hours, and drastically changed my life.

"What?" I gulped. "What do you mean 'matter of life and death'?"

Instead of giving me an answer to the question, like I expected him to, he simply rose from his seat and made his way to an empty white wall to the left of me. What part did I need to play in this life or death situation. If it's as big as my father was making it out to be, shouldn't he be the one to deal with it? It would only make sense seeing as the man I call Dad was God. Out of the corner of my eye, movement of some sort caught my attention. I turned fully to my left and watched in awe as my father lifted his right hand and faced it, palm out, towards the wall. In a matter of mere seconds, the once blank wall melted away in the center, and revealed a gold safe.

My curiosity was now heightened, thoughts of what my father had mentioned earlier forgotten. I sat in silence as he expertly and effortlessly turned the combination lock on the face of the door. Once the combination had been entered, he carefully opened the safe door. Pulling the door wide, he stuck both hands in and pulled out, extracting an old wooden box. He maneuvered the box to his right hand, and used his left to close the safe door as he turned around. Once the door had clicked shut, the gold safe disappeared and was once again concealed by the white wall. It looked as if the wall melting away and showing a gold safe had never happened.

Dad had gently set the wooden box down on top of his desk, and placed himself back down in his chair. He positioned his gaze on me before he spoke again.

"Before I explain the contents of this box to you, I must first inform you of the situation. And consequently, your role in how we stop it. Understand?"

"Yes father," I replied.

"That's what I like to hear. Okay Lucas, the reason I called you into my office is because Lucifer is at large. He's going to try to create the Apocalypse."

"Wait- I thought Satan lost his power? So how is he at large? How could he create the Apocalypse?"

"Let me clarify myself. Yes, he did lose his power, and without it he wouldn't be able to cause the Apocalypse to happen. But he is still at large, in a way. We are not necessarily putting Lucifer at the top of the watch list right now Lucas. We have discovered that he has a protégé, someone he has been training to create it instead. While we have no idea about the identity of who this individual is, we do know that they harness the power to control the Seven Deadly Sins. If they can influence enough innocent people to commit one of the Deadly Sins, they gain more power. Once they have enough, they are able to not only produce the Apocalypse, the can destroy everything- even us.

So how do we stop them? Everything I have tried so far has failed. We are not even able to figure out who this person is! I've always been able to keep track of Lucifer and his schemes, but not this one. The only thing that can even compare to the power his protégé holds, is what is in this box," he sat a hand atop the wooden box to emphasize his point. "This box will only open to the one that can control what is inside. Inside is the power of the Seven Holy Virtues. They are the only choice we have if we want to stop them. I have asked every single Angel here to open the box. As you can fairly see, it hasn't opened. That's why you're here, Lucas. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. You're the obvious choice."

"You think I'm the holder of the Seven Holy Virtues?" I asked him incredulously. "Seriously, why me? I'm sure there are plenty of powerful Angels that work for you and could control the power better than me. Don't you agree?"

Why was I putting myself down in front of my father? Didn't I want to be seen as strong and reliable? "Not that I'm not flattered nor honored to be seen as the chosen one to be employed with the power. I guess I'm just trying to say I'm confused is all."

"Lucas, you are the obvious choice because you are my son. If you are not the one who can, no one is. That I am certain of," he, pushing the wooden box across his desk towards me.

My hand felt like lead as I lifted it to grasp the object in front of me. Inhaling one last deep breath, I flipped the latch that held the top of the box closed. Grabbing the top half, I prepared myself for what might, or might not happen. I was still in doubt that I'd be able to open it. I put enough pressure where my had was holding it, and lifted up.

It opened.

It opened. That meant that I was the one. The one that controlled the power of the Seven Holy Virtues.

Seven balls of light flew out of the box in front of me, hand still holding it open. Each ball of light represented a Holy Virtue- Humility, Charity, Kindness, Patience, Chastity, Temperance, and Diligence. They all came together in front of me, chest height, into one glowing, wispy, white orb. I stuck my hand out to touch it. Instead of it going right to my hand, it circled around me a few times before finally resting in the palm of my right hand. It stayed there for a few moments, then it seeped into my hand. All I could do was stare in awe at what had just transpired. I looked up at my father, seeing a slight smile grace his lips.

"I should have known from the very beginning," he said to no one in particular. "You are the one Lucas. You are the only one that even stands a chance to prevent the Apocalypse."

I just sat there, for what felt like forever in my opinion, but was actually only a few minutes. I needed to absorb everything Dad had just told me. I was the one that could command the Seven Holy Virtues. And by being that one person, I was the lone individual that had a remote chance of stopping Satan's protégé. Although I may not have been fully ready, or realize how big the situation was, I knew it was my duty, and my honor, to take on this responsibility.

"I won't let you down, Dad," I told him, looking up at him with determination in my eyes. "Just tell me when and where."

"Good. I have faith in you, son. We have been able to pinpoint the city where a majority of activity has occurred- Salem, Massachusetts. It is there, that we believe, is where Lucifer and his followers are taking residence. You will be enrolled at Westbridge High School while you are there. I will not let you skip out on your education just because of this task. Your mother would have my hide if I did such a thing. His should also help keeping your cover. We don't want Lucifer to get wind of who you really are."

"I understand. But, where will I live? How will I get around? What am I going to do about the situation while I'm in school?"

"You will have an apartment where you will stay. The arrangements are already underway, along with a car for you to use. As for your last question, I will also have some of my trusted Angels in the city. They will be there to keep an eye out, not only for your safety, but also for any information that could help us stop Lucifer and his protégé," he rose from his chair behind his grand desk, and stopped in front of me. "And you start now."

With that said, he placed his right palm on my forehead. I was blinded by white light, my dad and his office fading from my vision. Once the light had diminished, I found myself in front of my new apartment, key in hand.

I was still laying on top of my bare bed when there was a knock on my door. Wondering who it could possibly be, seeing as I didn't know anyone in the town, I calmly strode towards the front door. Through the peep-hole I saw a boy around the same age as myself, holding something along the lines of a basket filled with baked goods. He looked somewhat embarrassed to be standing outside my front door. Feeling bad for him I unbolted the locks and opened the door.

"Hi," I greeted him. "What can I do for you?"

"Umm… Hi. I'm Michael. I live two doors down," he mumbled, obviously embarrassed for some reason. "My mom sent me over to give you these as a welcome gift."

He held up the basket of goodies, and I realized that that must have been the reason he was embarrassed. What teenager would want to be seen carrying a welcome gift basket to their neighbors? I pitied the guy in front of me. But not wanting to seem rude, I asked him if he wanted to come inside. He seemed surprised that I offered, but agreed to come in.

"I'm sorry there's really nowhere to sit. I haven't had a chance to get out and get furniture and stuff for this place yet. I only arrived a few hours ago," I told him as he leaned against the breakfast bar that looked into the kitchen. "Would you like any of these delicious smelling baked goods you brought? I highly doubt I will eat them all, seeing as I'm by myself."

"Sure. Why not? My mom does make amazing brownies- wait… Did you just say you're by yourself?" he asked, hand hovering over a chocolate chunk brownie.

"Yeah. My Dad is busy with work in New York, and my mom didn't want to leave his side. They figured I was old enough, so until they decide on a house they both like, they agreed to let me live on my own for the time being," I relayed the story I came up with if I was ever in a situation like the on I was in. It seemed plausible enough to me. "I'll be starting school at Westbridge High tomorrow."

"Really?!" Michael said, perking up at what I had told him. "I go there. What year are you?"

"It'll be my senior year. You?" I was glad I knew of at least one person that I would attend school with. It would make it a lot less awkward that first day.

"Senior year," he said, seeming a lot more comfortable and open now that we had something in common.

The next hour and a half I spent talking with Michael. I learned that his father had passed away when he was only five years old. After his father's death, he and his mom had moved into the apartment they currently lived in. He told me his mom never remarried, and didn't really know if she ever would. She believed his father and her were soul mates.

He also gave me all the need to know information about Westbridge High School. Which teacher's were the ones you would want, which ones you should try to avoid, and what you should do in their classes to make a good impression. He also told me how the whole school hierarchy was laid out. I thought that the jocks and cheerleaders where the rulers, just like I thought every school was. I was wrong. Apparently, one person claimed the top.

"Watch out for Angel Damons though," he advised. "She can have anyone wrapped around her finger in less than a minute. She moved her last year, and right from the beginning, the entire male ratio of the school was fawning over her. Soon, it seemed as if the entire school was giving in to her every whim. Even the teachers let her get away with ridiculous stuff."

"Really? Why didn't you fall for it? Or did you get sucked in like every other guy?" I was intrigued. How could someone have that much power over their classmates?

"Trust me, I didn't. I think it might have pissed her off a tiny bit too. Probably because the whole bad-girl image isn't my cup of tea," he replied. "Don't get me wrong, she's drop dead gorgeous. But, I'm more attracted to the good-girl image I suppose."

We stood in silence for a couple minutes, which was odd seeing as we had spent so much time talking just a short time ago. I took another scan of the unfurnished room. I cringed, realizing I was in desperate need of…well, everything. Then, a wonderful idea came to mind.

"Hey Michael," I asked, causing him to turn and face me. "Want to help me out and find some furniture and accessories to liven up this place?"

A number hours, and a boat load of money out of my pocket, later Michael and I had finished decorating my new home. And if I had to say, the apartment didn't look half bad. I mean, it was nowhere near the photos one would see in a magazine or expertly decorated home, but for two guys that were seniors in high school, we did great. During the whole trip, Michael and I created a solid bond. We got along so well from the first moment, and I knew that, with him by my side as my friend, I might just be able to escape from the pressure of finding out who Satan's protégé is.

I still a little anxious to start school the next day, seeing as Westbridge had already been in session for about a week. I offered Michael a ride to school the next morning, figuring it might be less nerve racking if I had a friend by my side. I may have been the son of God, but even starting at a new school where I knew practically no one was enough to bring out the chicken side of me.

"Dude, that'd be awesome! Have you seen your car?! I can't even imagine what it would be like to drive one like that, let alone own one," he replied. I had to laugh, the moment Michael had seen the car my father had left for me, a Toyota FT-HS Hybrid Concept, his mouth had dropped open and I swear his eyes came out of his head. If it hadn't been for me pushing him into the passenger's seat, he would still have been in the middle of the apartment building's parking garage, facial expression and all.

"Hey, it was from my Dad. But if you're a good enough driver, I might just let you drive it to school one of these days."

"Man, you are the coolest! But I better get back to my place before my mom comes looking for me. Nothing worse than a worry-wart of a mother. And seeing as I have spent practically the entire afternoon and evening with you, she's bound to call the police and file a missing person's report or something. I'll see you tomorrow morning Luke," he said before closing the door behind him.

I was exhausted from all the events that occurred that day. I figured I might as well hit the sack early that night. A good night's sleep would be a good idea before I faced my first day of my senior year, in a new school no less. I stripped down to my boxers, and did my nightly bed-time ritual. So I brushed my teeth, flossed, and rinsed my mouth with my mint mouth wash, and washed my face.

I got into my freshly made bed with the royal blue bedding, and set my alarm for 7:00 am. I made myself comfortable, and shut my eyes, letting all my worries about school out of my mind. And most importantly, I wouldn't think about who was Satan's protégé, and how I was to stop the Apocalypse.

That could wait until I was finished with my first day.

Somewhere in Salem, MA

A young woman laid awake in the bed of the man she had just seduced. She didn't know his name, nor did she really care. All she cared about was the small fact that he gave in to his lust filled desires and screwed her. She didn't have a care in world, it was just meaningless sex to her anyways. Well, not entirely meaningless. By having given in to the lust the man felt, she was just one step closer to gaining enough power.

Figuring she had stayed long enough for him to fall into a deep slumber, she stealthily made her way out of the nameless man's arms. Having done the exact action countless times before that night, she knew the precise moves to escape the confines of the bed's sheets and his grasp, without waking him up. Picking up her discarded clothes that were scattered about the bedroom, she noticed his cell phone was blinking. Making her way over to it, she saw he had a new text message. She bent down, still unclothed, and opened the message.

Plane arrives at 7 am. See you at the gate babe. I love you. ~Melanie

So nameless man had a girlfriend. It was a shame really. What would his girlfriend do if she ever found out that he had slept with another woman? She couldn't pass up an opportunity as great as the one in front of her.

"Oh this is just too good. Too bad you won't get the message from dear Melanie," she stated to herself as she erased the message from his phone. She sat it back down on the ground, next to his dark denim jeans that she had thrown across the room earlier that night. As she resumed redressing herself in her backless red dress, with a very daring neckline, and a hemline that just passed her ass, she was struck with a brilliant idea.

Well, she considered it brilliant. Anyone that owned a conscience would say otherwise.

She decided to leave him something to remember her by, whether he remembered what she looked like or not after the amount of alcohol he consumed that night. She was pleasantly surprised he could function as amazing as he did once they had made it to the bedroom. So she slipped off her red lace, floss like thong and left it as a memorabilia. Once she made sure it was in a spot where he may not see, but sweet little Melanie would, and was satisfied, she left his apartment. Not once, looking back or regretting her actions.

She hadn't even walked two full blocks when a man in his twenties started following her. Knowing full well who it was, she turned down a dark alleyway and hid in the shadows, waiting for him to go in after her. Sure enough, the man strode down the alley, his gaze searching for the familiar looking girl. She quietly made her way behind him, using the shadows to prevent her from reveal herself to him. She had almost made it to the opposite wall from her when all of a sudden, the man was in front of her. He pushed her back into the wall, hands resting against the cool brick on either side of her head. He leaned his head down to whisper in her ear.

"Did you honestly think you could hide from me Luci?" he asked, his tone raspy and husky. He rose his head to smirk down at her. She smirked right back at him without missing a beat.

"A girl can try Dante," she whispered just huskily as him. "What do you need anyways?"

"Did he give in?" he asked, not bothering to elaborate on who gave in to what. She knew.

"Hook, line and sinker. I don't think he would have even needed the booze in his system to give in to lust and take me back to his place."

"Good. We have to get as many weaklings as possible to give in and sin to gain enough power," he said as he lessened the space between their bodies, hands resting on her hips.

"I know. And this one is going to be a two-fer. Turns out the guy had a girlfriend," she whispered as she brought a hand to the back of his neck. "So I left my panties as a token for him. I'll text him in the morning saying I had an amazing night last night, and we should definitely have a repeat. She'll see the text and the underwear, if you can really call them underwear, and then her wrath will be off the charts. It's predictable woman scorned actions."

"You are evil you know that right?" he asked as he bent his head and captured her lips with his. "Your father has raised you well."

"Well, what exactly do you expect anything less from the daughter of Satan, and who just so happens to be the one who controls the Seven Deadly Sins?" she brought his head back down to hers, kissing him once more before stating, "And I will create the Apocalypse."

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