Chapter 1

"Hurry up, Julia!" Ash called behind him. Julia, squinting through her simple glasses, twisted her face into a scowl.

"I am hurrying, Alex," she shot back, exaggerating Ash's real name. I groaned. How the Hell did those two get the energy to fight while running for our freakin' lives? Kristina was in the lead, guiding us through her escape route. Her dirty blond hair was in pigtails, for once.

She was singing, "Let's go run away, from the coppers! Let's go run away, so we don't end up like... toppers." April was dashing right next to me, her blue eyes worried.

"Where's Tatsuya?" she asked me. A meow came from my backpack, and a golden little cat head peered out to his owner. Anne was trying to grasp onto the cashier Ju had taken.

"If you hadn't threatened to take Mr. Eliz out if he didn't pay us more money than he owed, he wouldn't have called the police, you wouldn't have stolen his cashier, and we wouldn't be in this mess!" Ash yelled at Ju, naturally in front of us because of his long legs. Julia's slanted brown eyes filled with fury, and before she could say another word I interrupted.

"Will you both shut-up? We're running for our freakin' lives here!" I snapped. Right now, I didn't have enough patience for the either of them.

You see, we have a business. Julia gets us jobs and customers(sometimes not always the most trustworthy or legal customers...), so she acts like the boss. Kristina, for when things don't turn out quite as planned, organizes escape routes. Anne handles the cha-ching and determines if the money is fake. I am the electrician, and I must say, I'm the best damn electrician in Cierra. Ash is our metal wielder because our customers, more often than not, are not the sharpest crayons in the box. So they beat up the metal with something, which helps the dysfunction. April is Ash's and my helper. She gives us our tools and stuff (Plus she keeps me sane from Ash's consistent braggart-ness).

If you haven't guessed already, the ding-a-ling and I have to work together (Thank God I have April). Almost all of us in our group has a smart mouth, pride, and a toughness that gets us all in fights, with the exception of Anne and April. It sometimes ends up like this. But we're the best of the best, even if all the girls are 15 and Ash is 17. That's why we get the dough.

Ash glared at me, obviously not appreciating a girl two years younger than him telling him the shut-up. Kristina switched gears, so we did too. We zoomed through our side of Cierra, Holivia. I could hear the Khaki wearing law enforcers behind us.

Ash and Ju still ceased to quarrel, so I screamed, "SHUT UP!"

Right after that, Anne screeched, "DITCH!"

"What?" Ash turned back to look at the small Chenese girl, and WHAM! He fell right into the deep ditch. The rest of us jumped on top of him into the ditch and pressed ourselves against the wall.

5 minutes later, the police stood over us. "Where'd they go?"

"Into the ditch?"

"Officer William, no one would be stupid enough to hide in such an obvious place." As the multi-colored policemen tried to figure out where we were, I carefully and slowly threw a rock into the opposite alley way.


"AFTER THEM!" The men cleared out, leaving us in the muddy ditch. The coppers are definitely not the sharpest crayons in the box.

"Can't... breathe..." Ash wheezed. Kristina gave him a look that said, shut-up, fool.

Slowly we peeled ourselves off the ditch wall. We all relaxed for a second, chuckling in triumph. Suddenly, our senses heightened. Someone else was here. We all froze, not wanting to turn around, fearing it was the cops.

"THE PO-PO ARE GONE!!" Ash jumped 5 feet in the air, accidentally banging his head on the top of the ditch wall. The blond girl fell down, cracking up.

I laughed, "Way to go, French Fry!" I gave her a high-five. French Fry grinned. Lyndsay "French Fry" Fry was one of the few pure Holivian people. She didn't have any curves, was average height, but could make more jokes than Corny Joe. Most of us are from other parts of this world. Julia migrated from Veitman, Dnalsi, Anne's family pure Chenese but lived here for more than 5 decades, April is a rare Inglish looking girl from Jaban, Dnalsi, and me, a curly haired brunette half blood from the province of Zpain. Ash's ancestry came from Erilend, Eporue. French Fry and Kris were the only "pures" I know.

Kristina came up and patted my back. "Good thinking about that rock, Em! Why didn't I think of that?"

I grinned. "Because, senorita, I am Em Centella, and no one can top a Centella." Kristina grinned back at me. Ash stood up and brushed himself off. He opened his mouth to say something, but the ground underneath him collapsed. And so did Ash.

We gaped at our good luck. Julia punched the air. "Take that you racist rastard!" Julia shouted, using the substitution for racist bastard. Kris was not a fan of our swearing, threatened us with pain if we did swear in front of her, so me, Ju, and Ash used substitutes. The rest of them didn't curse, but they tolerated it.

"You alive down there?!" I shouted into the hole.

A whine answered me. "Why?! WHY ME?! What the Abyssus* did I do?!"

I rolled my eyes. " Uh, maybe because you're a idiota butt-head?" I glanced at Kris to see if that was acceptable. It was. I jumped down into the hole to investigate. I landed on a body.

"YEOW! That hurt, bitch!" Ash whined at me. Julia landed on top of him next to me (Ju weighs some more than me). "GOD DAMMIT!" Ash screeched. He bit his lip and glanced up. "Fuck you two," he hissed. I rolled my eyes.

"Toughen it up, " I retorted, rolling my eyes at him. Julia punched him in the gut.

"That's for tell us fuck," Ju snarled quietly. Ash complained some more.

We slipped off him. That's when I noticed something on Ash's ankle. I turned and addressed Julia, "Ju, did you curse him?" Julia did her shifty eye thing.

"Maybe." That's when Kris and French Fry fell on Ash.

"You did," I told her. Julia smiled at me innocently.

"WHAT THE ABYSSUS DID I DO?!" Ash complained.

Kristina punched him in the eye. "DON'T CURSE!" she scolded loudly. All of a sudden, Julia was laying on the ground with Anne and April on top of her.

"Hola. Long time, no see," I greeted them. Anne and April filed off Julia quickly, April hugging her golden cat to her chest. Julia moaned quietly. I gave her a hand. "What goes around, comes around," I joked.

"Shut-up," was the muttering reply.

"Hey, what's this?" Anne's voice came. I turned around. Anne was holding some sort of necklace in her hand.

"Oh!" Kristina gasped. She scrambled over to Anne. "Shiny!" she exclaimed(how's that for short attention span?). Before Kristina could drool all over it and its shiny-ness, I snatched it to inspect it. The necklace had a short, silver chain. There was an onyx stone in it, but it was weird. It gleamed like it was in sunlight, but when the light shone on it, it dulled.

"Hey, this could be worth a lot on the market! What do you think Ju?" I asked. I heard some giggling behind me. I turned to face the source, and if I was manga, I would've sweat dropped. "What?" Kris asked, and jerked around to see what I was reacting too. She made the same face as me. "Oh." Julia was tickling the giant Ash, and Ash was laughing like no tomorrow. It was always sort of disturbing to see her tickle him, since she had grown fond of him. Wait a second, let me gag.

All of a sudden, Ju stopped tickling him. She stared at the black stone. "It knows my name," she whispered.

Ash blinked, recovering from his aching sides. "Excuse me?" Ash questioned. Julia crept up to me.

"It knows my name..." Cold air washed over me.

"Hai, who is this? She is not from our temple. Get her dirty electric hands off me," a cold hard voice hissed. Then everything went black.


"Maybe we should poke her with a stick," someone said. SLAP! "Ow! It was just a suggestion," I recognized it as Ash's voice hissed.

"She's not dead, is she? Meow?" April's voice hoped. I heard Tatsuya purr beside her.

"No. She's breathing," Kristina's sound assured April.

"I hope she doesn't get amnesia," Anne stated.

I was laying awake. My eyes were closed, my body soaking in the cool dirt. I was actually pretty comfortable, except for the throbbing ache on my head. I decided that, simply, I was just gonna lay there and sleep. Hey, I may be a pain in the butt electrician, but since I have Zpanish blood in me, I am a lazy electrician. They obviously had other plans.

"EM!! ARE YOU ALIVE?!?!?" someone screeched in my ear.

I shot up, holding my ears, screaming, "WHAT THE ABYSSUS?!" Kristina bopped me.

"Don't say 'Hell'," she scolded me.

"Sorry," I muttered, "But, Geezes Rice! Did you really have to scream in my ear!?" Kristina looked at me sheepishly.

"You were knocked out!" she insisted. I glared at her.

"I was awake. I just didn't want to get up," I snapped, irritated. Anne, Lyndsay, and April giggled. The cat looked at us disapprovingly, and went to jump on April. Kristina blushed hard. I picked up a thick stick and whapped Ash with it.

"OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" he yelped. I blinked at him.

"For wanting to poke me with a stick. Duh!" I shook my head at his stupidity. Seriously, you'd think this guy would have more common sense being the only guy in our pact. Well, he didn't use to be.

Brett Howard was our informant in the business. Brett was my best friend, sweet and protective, a girl's dream boyfriend. He was too perfect for my boyfriend standards. Then there was another part of him, one so bad it reeked. It was not Brett, but I don't talk about that person. He moved away to Celli, a year before Ju came in. We never had anyone replace him.

There was also Ryan Taylor. Before Julia came to town, this kid had her job. He knew when someone was cheating us, their records, how to get us a job, everything. He had a twin sister, Taylor Taylor, but she's somewhere on the streets now. He was a know-it-all pain in the ass and I was the one who had to drag him out of trouble for his mouth or whatever. He disappeared a month before Brett moved.

I glanced around for my best friend. Julia sat on the ground, gazing wonderingly at the necklace. In a motion, she clipped it onto her neck. Miraculously, it turned into a black choker with a silver skull with two piercing black onyx eyes, which acted like the original stone.

She looked up at me, ashamed. "I'm sorry, Em. I just needed it, ya know? I can't explain it but..."

"I understand. It's all good." We grinned at each other, like only close best friends can. We understood each other head to toe.

Ash shook his head. "Girls. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em." He was answered by a mirage of whaps. Julia and I laughed at his pain, but something in that tunnel told me something was gonna happen. Something bigger than us.


"Which would rather have? A sense of humor or a smexy guy?" French Fry asked us. We were walking back from the ditch towards home. Kristina, April, Tatsuya, and Anne were already at their houses, counting their share of the cashier. Kristina announced that if we get enough money at the next job, her mom and her might have enough for buying a wagon! A wagon! That was huge for people on our side of town. So it was just Ash, me, Julia, and French Fry.

I thought about it. "Smexy guy," I answered simply. I already had a wicked sense of humor, so why would I need more?

Julia nodded, agreeing. "Smexy dude, defiantly." She gave me this evil grin look. "So we can have funnnn." I whapped her. Sick minded.

Ash snorted. "Sense of humor," he yawned. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Good. Porque you need one." Seriously, his racist jokes were not funny, like, at all.

Ash scrunched his nose. "I HAVE a sense of humor," he snapped.

"Yeah somewhere deep, deep, deep, deep deep deep, inside his soul." Lyndsay sighed, holding her heart.

Julia snorted, "Yeah just like when to shut up about Abigail." We all laughed at that. Ash blushed deep red. Part of the reason we got in trouble at Mr. Eliz's today was because Ash kept on telling him how much better Ash's girlfriend, Abby, was than Mr. Eliz's wife. Then Mrs. Eliz came in and, let me tell you, she looked hella better than Abby. Considering one of Mr. Eliz's customers whistled at her like she was fine.

Julia slapped his back. "Don't look so down! You were laughing at Em after she fell asleep on that one guy at Lacey Jennings' party the other day." Julia pointed out, smirking at me. I blushed, but since my face is so pink all the time, you can't tell. Ash grinned mischievously, remembering.

Lacey had invited us to her party on Saturday and she had alcohol. Lots of it. I got so wasted that I just fell asleep on this guy I didn't even know. Apparently, the dude was happy, but I was not a happy camper when Erin Hopkins woke me up while I was still drunk and asleep on this guy. He tried to get me to sleep on him again, but I was so drunk I just knocked his lights out and fell back asleep on his unconscious body. The next morning when Ju and Ash came to get us out of there, the dude and I were making out. Well, technically he was making out with sleeping lips because I was still asleep. Of course, all I remember is Ju dragging me off this warm object, laughing while trying to take me home. When Hopkins told me what happened, I found that dude and beat him up and told him if he told anybody about that, there would be worse to come. I know, I'm a nice kid.

We got to Ash's house and Ash whipped around, holding his hand out. "I need money so I can take Abby out tonight." Julia made a face and gave him his share. When he turned around to the door, her face fell.

"Inconsiderate jerk," I muttered, giving Julia a sincere squeeze on the shoulders. Lyndsay nodded. While we were leaving his house, Lyndsay turned around and made a rude hand gesture at his figure at the door. We hooted as he unsuccessfully tried to copy it.

In the dirty city, we found two houses squashed together, like the city needed to have more space so just made houses more tall and have no space between anybody's house in the city. One looked normal and taken care of. The other looked as if it needed the support of the two houses it was squashed against. French Fry waved to us and headed into the nice looking one. Julia and I headed for the run down one. Home sweet home.

Julia and her family had to be tenants in my house, so my mom can help pay the mortgage while Dad's serving his time. My two little brothers shared a room, Julia's little sisters and grandma slept in the living room, my mom and Jessie slept in the basement, and Ju and I shared the attic. My oldest sisters, Sammy and Lauren, had been kidnapped two years ago, so Ju's mom and step-dad slept in Sam's old room and my sister Jessie sleeps in Lauren's old room. Joe, Julianna, and Tim have started their own business to help Mama, Jessie, Julia, Julia's mom, and me pay for everything.

I threw open the door and bellowed, "JULIA AND ME ARE HOME!" A freckled boy stepped into the hallway and scowled.

"Don't need to yell," José snapped. I rolled my eyes. What's got him today?

"Yeah, whatever, scrawny," I replied. My other little brother held him back. Timoteo looked up at me through his blue eyes and long eyelashes.

"He's just sour because Julianna beat Conner up and Joe didn't lay a scratch on him," he explained. Joe whipped around and slapped Tim across the head. A fight erupted between the two brothers. Ju and I shared a look. We immediately pinned them both down.

"LET ME UP, CHICA, DAMMIT!" Joe yelled under me.

"Will you try to beat up Tim if I let you up?" I asked.


"Then no."

"Fine, God! I wont beat him up," Joe muttered.

"Don't say 'God'!" Tim scolded from under Julia. We let them up and Joe sunk back to his mood. You couldn't tell my brothers were from Zpain. You could barely tell I was. Joe and I had the Zpanish chocolate eyes, while Tim and Jessie had true blue ones. Tim and I had the dark hair, but Jessie had blond and Joe had dirty blond. Though, all of us, except my dad, had the palest skin. Sam and Lauren had dark curly hair like me.

That's when a Veitman girl peeked in. She had luscious black wavy hair and was a pale beauty. She was much in contrast to Julia, who had brown hair, bigger, and a little tan. Julia had a cute face though. Both of them are as flat as cardboard, almond eyes, and the same height.

Julianna picked up her bag and informed us, "I'm going to see my squirrel brethren in the park! I'll meet Maria and Tim in the market!3" Joe scowled. Maria was going to be his name before Dad realized that Joe was a guy.

I poked her in the gut. "Okay, mi chica bonita! Try to avoid Davy Crockett," I told her.

The two boys and Julianna scowled. "I hate that kid," they grumbled in unison. They glanced at each other in bewilderment. All three shrugged and Julianna skipped out the door, my brothers following.

Julia and I made our way to the kitchen. The cabinet doors hung on for dear life. I clapped my hands together. "Okay. Dinner. What do we have?" I asked Ju.

Ju scanned the cabinets. "Cream of Chicken, Cream of Chicken, oh, and Cream of Chicken." She groaned. We plopped into chairs. "If we have another night of Cream of Chicken, I'm gonna barf," Ju told me.

I nodded, agreeing. "How much money do we have?" I asked.

Julia peeked into the bag. "I'd say about 100 oyr. That gives us about 50 talla," she concluded.

I scrunched my nose. "Wow. Was Mr. Eliz having slow business or what?" I remarked. I sighed, placing my hands behind my head. That's when I got an idea. "Why don't we buy chicken-pot-pie? That guy that sells chickens is bound to give you a low price. Ya know, considering he likes you and all."

Julia thought about it, and then her playfulness gleamed in her eyes. "Well, I shall try to get us a low price using my powers of persuasion." I cracked up. But then Julia's smirk turned into a scowl. "But that means we'll have to take Jessica to the market with us," she whined.

I rolled my eyes. "Dude, she's your little sister. We can't leave her alone. Your mom would kill us. Plus, she can annoy the bread guy until you get a low price." Julia pretended to contemplate it, but every Hizpanic bone in my body told me I won.


Jessica clung onto my arm and smiled at me. I grinned painfully back. Let me tell you, Jessica is not a small 7 year old. "Can I go shopping with you, Em?!" she squealed.

I tried to peel her off. "No, you're going with Hai," I informed her. Jessica gave me her puppy face, but before she could complain, Ju took a hold of Jessica's light brown hair and dragged Jessica off to the direction of the chicken stand.

The market was crowded, as it usually is at sundown. I headed to the vegetable stands were. I stopped at a stand that I could usually get a low price off of. I inspected the peas. Half of them were shriveled, and if they could talk, they'd scream, "HELP! WE'RE BURNING AND OLD AND WRINKLEY!". I cursed in Zpanish under my breath.

"Oye! Carlos!" I shouted to the stand. A guy my age peeked his head above the counter. I gave him my famous wtf look. "There are so many questions I could ask you right now," I told him.

He sighed and stood up straight, a good couple inches taller than me. "My name is Karl, Em," he said.

I rolled my eyes. "I know that. Carlos fits you better." I gave him my wtf look again. "Boy, what you doin' with a jacket in the summer?"

Karl laughed through his teeth. "I like it. It makes me look cool."

"It makes you look like a fool that don't know what season it is," I informed him. Getting back to the subject, I picked up a pea. "I need peas."

He blinked. "Look. Peas," he pointed to the ones in front of me.

I gave him my evil glare. "I need peas that don't look like they've been sun burnt," I replied. I threw the pea at him. "What happened to the good peas?" I demanded.

Karl unsuccessfully dodged the pea. He laughed through his teeth again. "Nice one." He brushed his hands off on his jacket, and stared disapprovingly at the peas-from-Abyssus. "We're under new management. The good peas are only sold to the owners' friends and family," he explained.

I scowled. "That's stupid, chico. Why'd they do that?" Karl shrugged. I sighed. "Carlos, you know I have ways to get you to sell me the good peas."

Karl cringed. "I've seen those ways. I'm at a loss now because either I can have my arms relocated or lose my job. I need this job, so..."

"Carlos, don't make me use those ways." Karl bit his lip, thinking. He turned and headed towards the back of the stand. He turned back with the greenest, prettiest, delicious looking peas I have ever seen in my life. He filled a bag of the heavenly peas. I started to reach out for them, but he jerked them back.

"Since I'm not supposed to give you these, they're 30 talla," he muttered.

I gave my heart-stopping glare. "Boy, there is no way I'm paying 30 talla. 5 talla," I said defiantly.

"25 talla," Karl replied.




"15... er... damn. You win," Karl sighed. He handed over the peas.

I snatched them and handed over 15 oyr. "Thanks, Carlos."

Karl blinked and glowered at me. "Hey, you said 15 talla!" he yelped.

I shook my head. "I never said 15 what. I was thinking 15 oyr. Then you agreed. So that's what I owe you. 15 oyr," I replied. I turned around, smirking.

"I hate you, Em!" Karl yelled after me. I turned around, walking backwards. I gave him a nice smile while giving him a rude finger gesture. Karl glared at me and returned it, only to have his mom take a hold of his ear and scold him. I laughed as he scowled at me.

I turned back around, walking towards the carrot guy. "Emilia..." a hoarse voice said. I whipped around, ready to pummel the person who used my full name. There was not a soul. I turned back around, shrugging it off.

"Emilia..." it came again. It came from the alley besides me. I glared at it.

"Who's there?" I demanded. In response, an old, boney hand came out and beckoned me in. I cautiously entered the alley way. Damn my Zpanish curiosity.

Immediately, the hand grabbed me and pulled me inside a black hole. I kicked and fought it, but stopped when lightening struck before me.

I was in an abandoned city. Vines were everywhere, crawling from the windows from even the tallest of ancient buildings. There were strange flowers everywhere, giving a splash of yellow to the dim city. The rain trickled from the sky while lightening danced among the gray clouds.

Something was strangely drawing me to the center of the city. I followed the strange knowing that I had go there. I weaved in and out of the city buildings. Suddenly, my feet stopped on their own. I looked up and got the strangest feeling.

I was before a huge temple thing. It was round and wide, white and yellow. There was a huge circle in the middle, with only a lightening bolt in the middle. It was clean and polished, as if it was immortal and never looked left alone. The feeling was nothing like I felt before. I felt... I felt whole.

I looked forward into the doors on the gleaming white steps. On the stairwell, there were two figures. One was a gorgeous Hizpanic chick with bleached hair and black tips, holding a crooked sword. The other was a Hizpanic man with black hair and bleached tips, tall and muscular. They stared at me with chocolate eyes. A bolt of lightening crashed in front of them, and more people appeared. They all looked like warriors, and all of them had a lightening bolt somewhere. They surrounded me, staring at me.

Finally the first man walked towards me. He seemed to become younger as he got nearer. When he finally got in front of me, he looked my age. He glared into my eyes. We looked a lot alike, but I was definitely paler. Slowly, he began to lift up his hand. Wind started to swirl around it, creating a glass orb. In the orb, there was lightening, a storm captured in a glass ball. He showed it to me. He opened his mouth. "You are next in line," he said. Suddenly, he thrust the orb into my body. The orb intruded me, and I was absorbing it. I started to fall back into darkness.

I woke up into pitch black. In front of me was an old hag. I got up and glared at her. "Who are you?" I asked, my voice echoing in the darkness.

The hag blinked. "That is not important now, Emilia," the hag said hoarsely. I felt a feeling respect and fear wash over me of the hag.

The hag circled me. Then she appeared in front of me. "So you are the beginning. I would've chosen another, but the Warriors always seem to have a reason. Even if the reason isn't quite clear. As I would not have chosen the new Darkness Warrior. Though I guess you are going to destroy the Kiras."

I gave the lady a wtf look. "The Kiras are a made up fairy tale," I told her. "Part of a bedtime story."

The hag gave me a sharp look. I instantly recoiled. "And I suppose The Temples are made up too? And Evil? What about Injustice and Justice? Is that made up too?" she snapped. She seemed annoyed and insulted. "Just like Electricidad! Smart mouthed and quick tempered!" she muttered.

I boiled. "I am not quick tempered!" I snapped. Then I bit my lip. Obviously I am.

The hag glared at me again. "Exactly like Electricidad. You seem to be ignorant of the Temples, but I sense The General has been near you. You also seem to be the unfortunate one he lusts," she said quietly. She took a hand and she held my cheek. She looked confused. "You are the one," she whispered.

I shivered, somehow feeling the truth of it. I stared into her ancient eyes. "I'm the one what?" I demanded.

The hag took her hand away. "The Lightening Warrior." She whispered. She took out a pair of gloves out of her pocket and handed them to me. "You need these. You already have the other necessity for your mission."

I grasped the gloves, and gave her a confused face. She started to turn around. "Wait!" I shouted. "What mission?!"

The hag turned around. As she turned around, she morphed into a boy. The boy had no eyes, but had pitch hair that shone. He seemed my age.

The boy walked up to me, and held my hand. The other hand held the back of my head. He leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them back up, the boy was someone else. It was another boy my age, blond with no eyes, smirking at me.

"I have one warning for you, Emilia: Do not let anyone in your heart," the hag whispered from behind the boy. As she said that, the boy dispersed. I thought it was a stupid warning, since I have no problem not letting anyone in.

The hag started to fade away. "You haven't answered my question, hag!" I shouted at her.

"Your mission will be revealed to you soon enough," the hag said, her voice fading. Then she was completely gone. I stepped back, wondering what she meant. The I started to fall backwards. I fell through the blackness, no end of the hole evident. I squeezed my eyes shut.


I opened my eyes, strangely finding myself staring at the Cierra sky. I felt something in my hand, so I brought it up to my face. They were the swordsmen gloves with an electrifying jewel in the middle. I put them on, and instantly, they transformed into silk, black baseball gloves, except at the Velcro part, there was the yellow jewel. There seemed to be... lightening inside of it. Weird.

What was weirder was the humming sound coming from the street. I jumped on my feet and raced out to the market. My jaw dropped. I definitely found the source of the humming sound.

There were these tricked out bikes, except you didn't have to petal them. They were armored, as were the three boys on top of the three strange bikes. For some reason, they were chasing two people. As they came closer, I realized they were Julia and Jessica.

I ran out of the alley, grabbing a tomato from the nearest vendor. I planted my self in front of them and threw it at one of the biker's heads. It met the visor, and the guy was thrown off for a second.

I joined in the two sisters in running. "What did you two do?" I demanded.

Julia gave me a scowl. "It's the brat's fault! She was singing about how we stole from the bread dude! They just came right after she finished!" Ju hissed, glaring at her little sister.

"No, I didn't!" Jessica whined, her face flushing. The tomato guy successfully got the rest of the tomato off his visor and threw it at Jessica. I jumped towards her, thrusting her out of the way. Faster than I've ever been, I dodged it.

I stumbled for a second, surprised. Tomato guy seemed a little surprised too. The other two bent down lower, concentrated more now. Me and Ju were going an unbelievable speed. The bikers sped up too. Jessica held tightly around Ju's neck.

Suddenly, Julianna's cried out, "NOW MY MINIONS!!" Two walls of barrels crashed in front the bikers. My brothers jumped on the back of the bikes, twisting the helmets on two of the guys. Immediately afterwards, they leap frogged over and landed next to us, joining in the run. Suddenly, Julianna and Brianna (her cousin) appeared next to us, grinning.

The two bikers fixed their helmets and drove into the alleyways on both sides. The middle biker made his automatic bike jump over the barrels. These guy were not cops, I was a 100% sure of it now. What did they want with us?

Joe glanced behind us and remarked, "Well, that didn't work quite like we wanted it to."

Julia glared at me and my brothers. "Stupid flexible, agile Hizpanics," she muttered.

I shrugged it off and started to run backwards. I glared at the middle guy. There was something about that guy...

"Bikers! Dead ahead!" Brianna yelped. I turned around, and there were the other two. "Centellas!" I barked, " ¡Mueva 27: El mono salta por encima de árbol!" My brothers nodded, and ran at full speed with me. We leapt into the air, flipped into a headstand, landed on the front of the bikes, and pushed ourselves over them. The Veitnamese girls jolted between the bikes, the two bikers too bewildered by me and my brothers jumping over them.

They soon recovered and joined the middle guy. The guy on the left took out a whip and lashed it out at us. It caught Tim's heel and he howled. He collapsed, then tried to scramble up. A new kind of fury filled me to a rim. No one touches my brothers.

I scooped him up and threw him to Julia, who switched Jessica to Brianna and threw Tim on her back. The guy lashed it out again, and with godly speed, I turned around and grasped it. I felt some of my fury slip out of me and become focused on the whip. Electricity traveled up the whip and made contact with the guy.

The guy was electrocuted and he flew off the bike. His bike tore off uncontrollably off towards The kids and Julia. Brianna screeched. Julia, with a stubborn protector look in her eyes, turned around, and spread her arms, as if to throw herself in front of it. Strangely, a black orb started to form, and created a shadow wall around them. The bike crashed into it and blew up. Another blackness surrounded it, as if to contain the fire. When both of them disappeared, Julia stood there flabbergasted.

The middle guy, with terrific speed, went down and scooped up Joey. He tossed him to Tomato guy. Another fury engulfed me. Electricity surrounded my hands and I did a running hand stand and jumped in front of him. I punched him in the head, and the guy fell off. I took hold of the bike and chased tomato guy, but I didn't have to.

Julia twisted her face and miraculously jumped on the bike, and a black orb formed in her hand. She grabbed tomato's guy forehead, and the dark swallowed him and Julia threw him off. She grabbed Joe's hand and threw him to me. I switched gears and caught Joe. I put him behind me and skidded to a stop.

Joe jumped off, Julianna catching him. Joe scowled and escaped from her grasp. Julia drove over to me, out of breath. I glared at the bike, breathing raggedly, my temper still high. "They're alright Em. Chill," she told. I almost did too, until I saw the middle guy try to escape through the alley way. Anger filled me again.

The strange feeling of release escaped through my hands again and it started the bike. "Em!" Julia shouted. My teeth clenched. Speeding up I chased him. He knew it too, scared. He fled through the twists and turns, me following him perfectly.

When I was close enough, I jumped off it and onto the guy. I flipped him over, pinning him to the ground. A ball of lightening engulfed my hand, ready to punch this guy to oblivion. I tore off his helmet, ready to burn his face. Then my face twisted from loathing into ultimate confusion. The lightening on my hand disappeared, not moving.

The guy stared at me through his true, emerald eyes. My face cracked into shock. No, no, it can't be! It's impossible! There has to be another pitch haired, emerald eyed person in the world...

"Hey, Em," Brett Howard whispered.

Note:*Abyssus- Hell

Aether- Heaven

Terra- Earth