Chapter 2

I was stone. How... how was he here? Why did he attack us? Where did he get the tricked out bikes? Why was he back? Most importantly, why did I still sense Snake?

He wriggled his arms from underneath me, and touched my face. "It's been too long..." he whispered. He petted my face, his green eyes softly staring into my chocolate eyes. The hag's words rang in my head. She was right. There were Kiras. He was one of them. Immediately, I jumped off him, melting into the alley wall.

It was Brett's turn to freeze. He laid there, his hand still in the air. Finally he recovered and slowly stood up. His face was pained. He thought I forgot him. "Em, it's me. Brett," he said, his voice hurt. I clenched my teeth and tightened my fist.

"I know who the bloody Abyssus you are and what you are," I hissed. His face was shocked. It recovered quickly, but not without his face expressing pain.

"Em, it's not what you think..." he began.

"To Abyssus with that, Brett! You're a damned Kira. It's obvious! This ancient hag shows up, then you appear after 4 years, attack my family and my friends, and you got the sign right under your left eye. Don't look at me like that, I've heard the legends. ¡Dios mío, las leyendas son verdaderas." I whispered. I screamed and punched the wall. The brick was burned.

I turned back to him. He didn't say a word. I was glowering. He didn't have to say anything. I knew. He knew I knew too. He didn't say anything because there was nothing to say to back up his actions and loyalty to that demon. I loathed Snake at that moment and every moment afterward.

Slowly, Brett took a step forward. Lightening bolted at his feet, and he jumped back. He looked into my eyes. "We don't have to be enemies... Listen to me.." Brett begged.

I glared harder. "Listen? Are you kidding me? You listened to him. You listened to him again. Dammit, Brett! What're you trying to prove? Never mind, don't answer that," I said angrily. I was good and mad and ready to hit something.

Brett's face was pained. "Just give me two seconds to explain, Em. This way I can prove I'm worthy, Snake said..."

"Don't listen to him!" I screamed. I clenched my teeth. "He's just leading you on for his own benefit. Can't you see that?" I hissed.

Brett said nothing, but his mouth opened and another voice came out. A rayon, snakelike voice that would make normal people's spines shiver. "Fine then, Centella. If you won't listen, I'll make you listen," it hissed smugly.

Brett's eyes were different colors. The right eye was still its emerald green, but the left, the one with the Kira sign, was yellow with narrow pupils. The snake-like half was Snake. The demon from Abyssus.

Brett's voice came on. "Snake, we don't need to hurt her," he whispered.

The velvet voice chuckled. "I won't hurt her, Brett. I'll just make her listen to you. After I've had my fun, of course." The right eye changed from green to the same as the left. Snake smirked.

"It's just you and me, my dear. Let's dance," Snake challenged. He didn't need to tell me twice.

We launched at each other at the same time. He swiped at my head and I dropped, kicking his stomach. He dodged just in time and his elbow came flying down at me. I caught it and I punched his jaw. Instead of flying into space, he bent backwards, then sprung back up, head coming towards my chest. In stead of colliding with my chest, he collided with my fist. I turned him around, twisted his arm, and pinned him to the ground.

He spit out the dirt in his mouth and tried to turn his head to face me. "You've gotten better, my dear. You've gotten stronger and more ill tempered. Do you have any idea how attractive that is?" Snake asked slyly. A grin started to twitch.

"Shut up, you son of a bitch," I hissed. My heart beat in my ears. He was taking it easy on me. Fine then, I'll make him use his full powers. I can take the demon.

Snake tsked. "That's not very nice, love. Then again, neither was your father when they took him in..." Snake taunted. He was trying to piss me off, and I have to say. It was working.

I flipped him over, keeping him pinned. I came down to punch him, and as it came down, lightening formed. The lightening made contact and there was a boom. There was a small crater around us. Half of his face was burned, and he just stared at me. The burns rapidly healed, but he still stared at me, breathing heavily. Any normal person, they would've been dead by now. Not him. Not Snake.

Suddenly, I was underneath him, him pinning me down. His fingers started to bruise my arms, he was squeezing them so hard. He was starting to sweat. "You... truly are remarkable, Em. Not even Zafir can do that... Not to me anyway. You have no idea how appealing that is to me," he whispered. His grip tightened and he bent lower to my face, centimeters away from my lips. He stared at my lips. "You will be ours. We know that for sure now," he told me confidently. You wish, Snake.

I spat in his face. "I will never be yours or anyone's," I growled. Some how, I got out of the pin and swung him around. I threw him into a wall. He made an indentation, and he walked out, breathing more heavily.

Then he started to laugh. Laugh. He wiped my spit from his cheek and he chuckled while staring at me. Suddenly, he was in front of me, and he punched me into the wall, making a similar indent. In all my pride, I wouldn't admit it to anyone, but that hurt like Abyssus. I shook off the pain though, and jumped into the crater.

Snake jumped down too, one minute on the other side, another behind me. He twisted my arm and brought me close to his chest. "Did you think you could defeat me? Impossible, my dear. You would need a miracle. However, the possibilities of us are endless."

"I would rather die," I hissed.

He chuckled again. He pressed his lips to my head.

"Even if you die, I'll still be there for you. Waiting for you, my Emilia," he whispered. He bent down and kissed my neck.

If you couldn't tell already by my lovely story about Lacey's party, I don't tolerate flirting. I hate it. No, I loathe it. Plus, he said my full name, which I hate, but I don't hate as much as flirting. He was gonna die.

Lightening flashed through me, sending him off into space. He collapsed on the ground, nearing one of the alleys in Cierra's maze. Lightening was flowing through every inch of me, filling me, absorbing me. I saw the lightening flow around me, like a ball. My fists were defiantly the source. I jumped up, preparing to punch his face. He scrambled out of the way into the alley way.

I kept up with him, faster than anything. Faster than lightening. He reached another dead end, and I came upon him. I got my two fists ready. First, I punched him in the face, then in his jaw. And when I punched him, all the lightening, all the energy, came out of me and into him. He screamed bloody murder. A flash of blinding light echoed through the alley. Even I had to close my eyes!

When it was gone, I looked around for Snake. No way I could've killed him. Suddenly, I heard a whimper. I found its source. It was Brett, squatting against the wall in the corner. He looked shaken, frightened. He trembled, breathing hard. His face was matted with sweat and his beautiful eyes were wide.

I swooped down to him, facing him. "He's gone..." Brett whispered.

"Who's gone?" I asked. What a stupid question. Who would be gone besides Snake? I thought it was good, but I think Brett thought it was bad. Like he couldn't live his life without Snake.

"He's gone. How could he be gone? I don't hear him, he's not there! How? How?! I don't understand..." Brett ranted, looking at his hands.

I touched his cheek. How'd Brett always find my soft spot? It was incredibly annoying. When I held his cheek, he stopped trembling. He stared at me for a moment, before closing his eyes, and holding my hand to his warm skin. He relaxed, a small smile on his face. "Em..." he whispered, his mouth slowly forming the letters.

Suddenly he started to scream and twitch. I pulled my hand away, surprised. He screeched, and clenched his hair. He curled up in a ball, screaming. He shook violently and as suddenly as he had started, he stopped.

I slowly approached him. "Brett...?" I asked.

In a flash, I was pinned to the wall, my wrists grasped tightly above my head, my whole body aching. "Brett, what the..." I looked into his eyes. They weren't green. They were yellow.

Snake's teeth clenched, glaring at me. Fury was in every feature of his face. "So," he raged, "You thought you could get rid of me?" He twisted my wrist. I screamed.

"You thought that you could free Brett of me?!" he yelled. He struggled to keep his temper under control.

"That was foolish thinking on your part, my dear. You can never rid me of this world until I have fulfilled my mission. Never. So you'll just have to be mine until the end of time," Snake hissed. I tried to wriggle away, but his eyes were becoming hypnotic. I started to stare into them. My vision started to go black. The last thing I saw was his sweating, smirking face.


I was in the same pitch black as before. I was dressed in strange clothes. I was wearing like a skin-tight black shirt with black shoulder armor, and a yellow belt wrapped around my waist like 33 times, connecting to a long cloth that reminded me of Sakura's in "Naruto" except yellow edges, black inside, and a lightening bolt. I also was wearing black Araybian pants with black sandals. I looked like a bad ass. I also noticed the yellow streak in my brown hair over my eye. That was going to get real annoying real fast.

The hag's voice was everywhere, and yet no where. " Do not let anyone in your heart." it echoed. Various scenes started to show up in front of me. First, I saw a half black half white, Veitnamese temple that seemed to be hidden underground. Then a green, Chenese temple showed, plant life sprouting through its walls and structure, protecting it. After, a Norwegian one, high in the cliffs, seeming to be slightly floating on the wind. A humongous stern metal ball with rectangle hallways coming from it, hiding close to Terra's center. A small green hut with burrows leading to a Javanese temple with animals inhabiting its every corner.

Another was a huge glacier, connected to land, a small cave hiding its doorway. A huge waterfall with the barest light coming through a crack, surrounded by a huge city. A huge clock tower, tall with a wall surroundings in the valley separating itself with the village. A huge Greeck temple on a plateau, light exploding from the sky. An open space, charred white by geysers and a pearl and red Atlantis-like temple, except decorated with things of fire. The temple I saw alone in the other alley appeared, making me feel at home. Finally, two pyramids shone up together, both in two different places. One was in the sandy desert, a huge Egypten pyramid. The other was in the rocky desert, somehow hidden as a Mayin pyramid. These two seemed the most important, considering they glowed and started to swirl together.

They became blinding light, and I had to shield my eyes. When I blinked them open, I saw a shack. It looked like a hunter's shack. The hag appeared next to me, staring at me and the shack. Not saying a word, she waved her hand. The door opened, and someone appeared in the doorway. A huge, sickening feeling erupted through my body. I knew where this was.

"No," I said defiantly.

The shack and the person and the forest disappeared, so I was just staring in the vast darkness. The hag blinked at me. "You must go," she said calmly.

"Anybody else! Not him. Do you have any idea what he did? God, he's right there and he let his own..." I ranted, furious.

"Emilia." the hag interrupted. I fell silent. "You must go to him. He will help you on this journey."

"What if I don't want it?" I grumbled. The hag shook her head as she started to fade.

"You will need it. I'm losing my hold... remember: don't let them into your heart," the hag's voice faded away. As soon as she was gone, a violent wind erupted, nearly sending me flying. As I tried to wrestle it, a warm object came into my grasp. Frantically, I heaved myself closer to it and hung on for dear life.


I blinked my eyes open to the blinding light. I was in a room. It reminded me of a castle room, except there were no windows. I was sprawled on top of a huge, comfortable bed. Immediately, I jumped out of it, fearing that I would fall asleep in it. I inspected the room. It was smaller than I imagined castle rooms to be. There was one dresser, a board strapped to the wall, and a tall object covered by a cloth. Curious, I walked to the tall object. I threw off the cloth and stared at my reflection.

It was a full length mirror. I studied it, failing to read the strange symbols on the outside of it. I looked back into the mirror. It was me right down to the core, tight black tee and skater jeans with a jeans jacket tied around my waist. The reflection however, did not have my chocolate eyes. It had deep, dark black ones with a hint of yellow.

"Weird, isn't it?" Brett appeared behind me, watching us in the mirror. His eyes in the mirror were a sapphire blue. "It shows people who they are on the inside. At first, it's only the eyes. Stare at it longer, and the clothes change. Stare at it even longer, it shows you what you desire," he said in almost a whisper. Sure enough, our clothes started to change.

I was wear a black belly button tee shirt and black Arabian pants with yellow edgings. I wore weird black and yellow sandals with the black gloves the hag gave me and I had a sword strapped to my back. My dark brown hair was straight and sloppily put in a loose bun. I didn't like it. If there were fishnets covering my stomach, then I'd like it. Now I was showing off too much skin for my taste. Brett looked rather noble.

He had a blue, prince-like shirt with gray designs all over it. He wore black pants, tucked into gray, swordsmen boots. His hair was longer, and it framed his face. He had a sword by his side, ready for a moment's notice. How ever, in his right hand, he had a red and black rose grasped tightly. This Brett measured him down to the core, even in his clothes, there was some sort of insecurity. I do have to admit though, he was hot. I swear, you can't repeat that to ANYBODY.

Brett just stared intently, and then turned soft. "You're breathtaking," he whispered.

That broke the spell. I turned and punched him in the gut and walked to the other side of the room (which was like two medium steps away). Brett got the wind knocked out of him, but he recovered. "Sorry," he coughed, "It slipped out."

I glared into the wall. I wasn't mad about him complimenting me. I was still furious that he tried to hurt my brothers. "Why?" I asked.

There was a pause. "Why what?" Brett asked.

I twirled around and glared him right in the eye. "You know bloody well what," I hissed.

Brett opened his mouth, unable to speak. His green eyes were like a deer's when a flume's* pointed at hastily looked at his feet. "I can't think of a good enough reason for you. They ordered me to. It was stupid of me to accept, but I was just focused on the fact I'd see you again," he explained sheepishly.

There was another silence. "You're right," I growled, "That isn't a good enough reason." Brett looked like he was crumbling. Getting over himself, he stood up straight and walked over to me.

He was a good two inches taller than me now. He seemed slightly more confident as he stood in front of me. "Em, I didn't want to hurt you or your brothers. Snake just got a little carried away and.." he stopped for a second, seeing the fury on my face. He gently put a finger on my lips. "Please, Em, just hear me out," he pleaded. I still glared at him.

He didn't remove his finger. He started to speak again while it still rested. His voice sounded like his throat was dry.

"When my mom and I got there, it wasn't even two hours when a man came to our door. He spoke to me alone, telling me he could get Snake out of my body. I hastily agreed. On the day I was to meet him to get snake gone, the Kiras attacked. Snake got excited for some unknown reason and took over, eventually helping the Kiras take Celli secretly. When they came to us, I had no idea what they wanted, I didn't know they were Kiras. I was terrified when they took my mom away, and they were about to take me away too, when Snake took over again. He defeated them with ease.

"He told them that he was General Snake, one of the creators of the Kiras. They didn't believe him, but they took us to Lord Gabriel anyway, thinking we could be a good recruit. When I was taken to him, he looked young, but I somehow knew he was very very old. Snake laughed at me, and said of course. Lord Gabriel looked down at us, while only I was there, and asked me why I did blasphemy against General Snake. I was about to answer, when Snake got too excited and took over. Everything. He laughed maniacally, and replied, 'Hello, Gabriel! I'm home! Miss me?' Lord Gabriel froze, realizing that it was Snake and asked him what he was doing here. Snake told him he was back to finish what he started 10,000 years , one of the Kiras that took me to him told me that he had never seen their leader so happy and frightened at anything.

"I was given the title as Captain of a squad right away and Snake was named 2nd man. In the little time at Celli and my time at Cierra, I became one of the best swordsmen. I... I told Snake that I wanted to go back to you, even though my time at the Kiras was the 2nd best thing. Snake said we had to stay with the Kiras. He promised me though I'd see you again." I pushed Brett's finger away, was flirting again, and he gave me an apologetic look.

"And you never thought to leave?" I asked.

Brett sighed. "At first. Especially when I had to go out and direct an assassination. But I was becoming stronger. They said after you become strong as a Kira, you can get anything you want. For most, it was true. For others, they were too insecure to go back. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to, please forgive me again, show you that I wasn't weak and I'm worthy."

I blinked at him, giving him my wtf look. He cautiously took his hand to play with my ponytail. I whacked his arm, grabbed it, and twisted it. Brett was silent, but he bit his lip hard. Suddenly, he reversed it, pinning me to the bed. "Dammit, Em!" he yelled.

I glared at him. "Let go of me, Brett," I said, surprisingly calm.

Brett started to breathe heavily. He bent his head down. He was shaking. He clenched his teeth. "I-I can't.. Believe me, Em, when I say I've tried. I've tried everything! I even gave false hope to another Kira, even though she has no chance, next to you. I can't grasp the right word for what I feel for you. It's more than admiration for you, but I know we're too young to be in love! I need you..."

"You don't need me, Brett," I hissed. No. He can't. He won't. He never did. He survived without me then, he can survive without me now.

He looked into my eyes, and I saw something... something I couldn't understand. He leaned to my ear. "I can't surrvive fully without you," he whispered. He wrapped his arms around me, and I just froze. He was stronger than before. He just breathed as he was embracing me. Slowly, he lifted his head up again. He stared at me and then he softly placed his lips on mine.

My brain half shorted out, and half was life, what the frick? Somewhere in me, a distrust was was built up, not made by me. The electricity pulsed through my body, trying to rebuke Brett. Then it slipped out of me.

I slowly opened my eyes to see Snake sprawled into the alleywall across from me. I glared at him. I knew what he'd done. I knew it. Snake groaned and stared at me. I might have imagined it, but I swear I saw a glimpse of fear. Good. He should be scared. Lightening started to outline my body. Calmly, Snake put his hand up to his ear. He mouthed something and then put his hand back down.

I glared at him. "Die," I hissed.

Snake smirked. "Today's only the beginning, my dear," he replied.

One of the motor bike guy zoomed in front of him, and Snake jumped on. He blew me a kiss when they drove away. "We shall meet again, Em! Don't worry!" he cackled.

Ha. I'm not giving up.

In two seconds, I was right on that motorbike's tail. When we hit Street Market Rd, I was right next to him. The guy driving the motorbike just about peed his pants, but Snake smiled slyly. I was about to roast them both to oblivion, and nothing could stop me.

"EM!" Suddenly, darkness engulfed me. Ju pulled me back. I am not a happy camper. Frustration and anger fuilled my chest and I started to shout unintelligble things I didn't even understand. Ju uncovered me, and my brother, Ju and her sister, and Briana stared at me shocked and worried.

Finally, out of my blur of Zpanish, I screeched, "EMERGENCY MEETING! NOW!"

Note: *flume- gun type thing, but the bullet becomes fire to burn and kill the insides of an animal. The weapon is illegal for civilian protection everyday use.