Whose hand am I holding
As I place my feet upon this path
The simple synonym for life; a journey

I once chose you but could not make you true
So I stumbled out of our story and into another
Perhaps more chivalrous, more honest
But assuredly not you.

And I will not deny the difference in my mind
When I apply the meaning of passion to you and to him;
There are friends you cannot live without
There are lovers you cannot live with.

So I chose again,
And this choice was true and wise and loving
But I do not even bother trying to say otherwise
That I know oh that I know
It isn't you

So here we run
Along with these friends we call husband and wife
And I would not call our days unhappy
But who is it we dream of on restless nights
Who is it we think of just before sleep claims our thoughts
Whose hand are you holding in your heart.