what do I want?

part one
-more summer nights, less summer days.
-more opportunities to smile at strangers.

-the urge to cry, to go away (because it's making it hard,
to pretend I'm all right.)
-someone to keep me (and keep me whole).

-an explanation. (and to!-)
-to punch you in the fucking face!

part two
-something real. something-
-something hard. (to put in me)

-no more glass houses. (no one throw stones!)
-cherry flavored ice-cream. (to make cherry flavored girls!)

-sex! (fuck I'm horny)

-more alcohol! (still too sober!)
-good pot.
-good company (with which to smoke pot).

part three
but mostly? love.
-I want love
-I want love
-I want love!