I did say the story was finished but I was up last night and, on a whim, wrote this. Truthfully, I like the story the way it is. This will either make it that much better or brake it ya know? I'm taking a chance, I spent the better part of last night writing this. The other I spent watching monk, my fav show, and massaging my banged up knee. Good times. Of course, I don't hate what I've written here, it could just be too much for my normal feathery writing (in this story).

Mmm... good or stick with the first ending???????????? Thank you and goodnight!

Three years later ...

"Hi Gracie" I called, entering the café. It was the same one I had met Taylor in. I'm a regular customer there now and have made friends with most of the staff.

I sat at the counter. "What can I get you Hun?" The sweet old Grace Turner asked me.

"Um, Tea please. And some macadamia cookies…" And after a second thought. "And maybe a piece of the chocolate cake."

Gracie chortled and sighed. "It's a wonder you aren't over weight."

She set to bringing me my order while I looked at the papers I had brought along. I shuffled through them one by one, dismissing them easily. No, I don't want to do that right now, I have to ask Alyssa about that one, that's the stupidest idea I've ever heard of, why on earth would anyone have one of those let alone want one?

I dropped them with a gruff groan. Just looking at those papers and lists brought only three things to mind: boring, sleep and headache. I eyed the stack for a few minutes, stuffing bits of cookie in my mouth as I did so. If I did some of the stuff now, I wouldn't have to later. Or I could let it all pile up and make someone else do it; that seemed more beneficial to me.

Grace sat the cup of tea in front of me; it gave me an idea. Surely, I'd get in trouble if I didn't do the work. Maybe I could get out of it if clumsy old Harper spilled tea all over it; Oh the horror, the misery. I was a genius, a genius I say. Then I thought of the repercussions and decided it wasn't as fool proof as I had hoped.

Instead I merely thought of an excuse: Grace made all these really yummy cookies and cake and needed me to eat them so I had no time to do anything. Ugh, I really needed sleep and probably a salad for dinner.

"How'd I know you'd be here?" Came one of the voices I had been hiding from.

Taylor had walked in the café and was just stopping in front of me. "Woman's intuition?" I suggested, cringing at the thought of being found.

"Oh ha-ha." He said, though he couldn't help but smile. He placed a casual kiss to my forehead before sitting on the stool beside me. "You ran away." Taylor said, entertained, shaking his head. "You actually ran away."

I crossed my arms, sulking. "I had to. It was just too…intense." I said, flailing my arms in the air for effect; and then crossed them again.

Taylor let out a slow breath. "Planning your wedding is supposed to be fun."

I raised my eyebrows and dropped my jaw. "Fun? With those bridesmaid-zillas! That is not fun…it's-it's dangerous." I slipped on my most pathetic puppy dog expression and looked at him through my eyelashes "Please, please, please, don't make me go back…"

"I think we know I can't make you do anything you don't want to." He said, forking a bit of my cake and plopping it in his mouth.

I wiped the crumb off the corner of his lips. "True." I agreed.

"We really do need to get the wedding things done." He held up a piece of cookie to my mouth. I accepted it, carelessly.

"Why can't you organise it and I'll just turn up?" I said, hoping he'd agree.

"You don't want anything to do with the wedding?" Now he looked like the lost, sad, pleading, puppy.

I turned in my stool to face him straight on. "I am going to love being married but flowers and invitations and serviettes and linen…" I winced at every word, recalling the endless conversations and fights my bridal party and family had been throwing at me. No one agreed and no one had the same ideas.

Taylor frowned. "I'd suggest we elope but our families would kill us."

I nodded, gloomily. Taylor pulled my stool closer to his and wrapped an arm around me.

A few months after that…

It took a lot of will power and on a few occasions my voice but eventually we got the wedding we wanted: simple, elegant and small. Just close friends and family in our backyard. I moved out of the house I shared with Richie and in with Taylor a year after we got together. Richie wasn't happy with the arrangement, he thought Taylor would move in with us for sure. He claims we crushed his fantasy, having a threesome with two sexy girls and one hot guy…He now lives in the same house with his new housemate, Lulu. According to Richie, he's been missing out on a lot. I guess living with me isn't as exciting as living with Lulu. I didn't blame him for thinking so, I find myself rather boring actually.

The dogs were at the wedding too, which proved to not be the smartest of ideas. Funny how food kept disappearing, along with jackets, coats and anything else chewable that was left in puppy reach.

I wore a simple white gown, with a beaded empire waist. My hair lay long down my back and shoulders. Taylor wore a tux and the smile I still swoon over, looking effortlessly gorgeous. We danced like fools, shoved cake into each other's mouths and posed for millions of pictures. I fell asleep at the reception, Richie split his pants, Alyssa found a boyfriend, Taylor walked into the glass sliding door and Amelia sung drunken karaoke. All of which was caught on video.

A couple years after that…

"Parker! Look at you!" I squealed. "Taylor, get the camcorder! Get the camcorder!"

"I got it!" Taylor said, running back to the spare room with the camera in hand. "Okay, it's recording."

"Oh you're getting so big." I cooed as Parker took another wobbly step. "Careful, careful, careful." I winced as he fell back down to his bottom and giggled.

Taylor made a face at Parker, mimicking me.

"Hey, I can see you." I said, smiling wryly at him.

"Uh oh Parker, mommy's cranky!" Taylor grinned, crouching down to sit next to Parker; who had crawled over to him.

"Don't gang up on me." I moped.

"Dadadadadadadadadaaaa…" Parker said, over and over again, trying desperately to grab at the camera.

I crawled over to the two of them, though it took some effort. "No, say Mamamamama." Parker climbed on me, holding on so he could stand.


"No…" I said, tickling him. "Mama! Not dada, Mama."

Taylor nudged my side. I poked my tongue at him.

"Child." He chuckled. I laughed when parker dropped to his bottom again; he looked at me, surprised, and then broke out in a grin.

Taylor was busy, blowing raspberries on Parkers stomach, when I stopped laughing.

"Taylor." I said, uncertain. He carried on, not hearing me. Then I was certain. "Taylor!" I said, more urgently this time.

"Yeah?" He said, his face quickly changing from happy to confused.

"My water just broke."

His face dropped and I beamed.

"Okay. Okay." He said, going into survivor mode. Taylor stood up and pulled Parker onto his hip. "You're bag is already packed but you're a week early so I'll call the hospital now about your room, I can get your mom to watch Parker, I'll have to pack him some things, Oh the room isn't even finished yet and I haven't installed the babies car seat." He rambled on and on, completely forgetting about me as he walked out of the room.

I started my breathing and rubbing the sore spot on my enlarged belly. It really, really, hurt. I squirmed a little, trying to get comfortable. There was no way I could stand up by myself at this point.

I winced and bit my lip as I felt one of many contractions to come.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Taylor hurried back in, finally remembering, kneeling on the floor in front of me. "Are you okay?"

I squeezed my eyes harder and held through the pain. When the contraction slowly subsided I opened them. My breaths were coming out heavier and sweat was forming on my clammy face.

"My water broke-" I started but Taylor cut me off.

"I know, your moms about five minutes away. She'll take Parker. I've got everything under control-"

"On the carpet." I panted, softly.

"What?" He asked, perplexed.

"My water broke on the new carpet. Someone will have to clean that before I come home with Aurora. And the room isn't finished. The furniture hasn't even been delivered." Taylor laughed, rubbing my stomach for me. At my arched brow and steely glance he stopped laughing.

He nodded obediently. "Clean the carpet, got it."

"Good. Can we go now? This hurts." I asked, pointing to my stomach.

"Oh, yeah. Here." He pulled me to my feat, grunting from my weight. I sent him a glare and rolled my eyes.

Taylor had his arm around me, steering me towards the car. My mother was at the front door holding Parker. By the time I got to the hospital I had had two more contractions. Alyssa met us there; she was also going to be in the delivery room. She was after all, Parkers' and going to be Auroras, godmother.

"Hey?" Taylor said from beside me.

I was hunching over from my seat on the hospital bed. Sweat dripped down my pink blotchy face, my hair was a mess, I was exhausted and in a foul mood.

I looked at him as if to say 'what do you think you're doing talking to me?"

He smiled, pushing back my sweat matted hair and dabbing my forehead with a wet cloth. "I love you"

I new round of contractions led on and I gritted my teeth. "No time for pleasantries now, I'm having a baby." I ground out, stretching my words through a long moan. He just had that ridiculously stupid, loving, smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and groaned, dropping my head, defeated. "I love you too."

The end ;D