Sunday, September 6, 2009

Author: Savannah Casto

Look how pitiful that planet is. Full of hate, greed, famine, and war. It is so sad to see how poorly God's once wonderful creation has been changed. No one seems to notice, but that is not how it should be.

Over there, the people think that all that matters is money and material possessions. They think that if they have the 'coolest' car, they must be best. Or, if they are more wealthy with big houses and lots of big, flashy, things that no one else can have.

In the areas of that direction, people can't afford to live. With only one set of clothes and no shoes or home, they can only hope someone generous might actually come along and share with them. They are so undernourished that they cannot avoid sickness. A simple cold hits them so hard, it is almost worse than the flu. They have no vaccines, so diseases like AIDS or H1N1 kill several of their family and friends.

In that region down there, they abuse animals as if they had no feelings. They beat them. They starve them and kill them. Then, they use their skins for clothes, furniture and various other items. The animals are becoming so endangered that they could become extinct within a few years or so.

Places on the other side of their world have drunks and druggies who abuse their family and friends. Verbally, sexually, and physically. Either way, they feel hurt. They have no good influences. Their hearts are broken, and so are their lives. Most of the women cannot even decide for themselves. The men force them to do whatever pleases them. Growing up that way causes them to do the same to their children and wives, for it is all they know.

Around there, people carry guns, knives, and other various weapons. They hurt everyone around them. They kill one another; whether it be because of ethnicity, women, drugs, money, or for wearing the wrong colors. They capture their young women of all ages, and use them as slaves. They beat and rape them. They make sure their captives cannot tell anyone.

That place is where they capture others because of race. Then, they beat them. They make the poor souls do all the work. They think it makes them superior to others. What they do not realize though, is that it actually makes them look like lazy, ignorant, arrogant, fools.

Why is it so terribly bad? I think it may be the people. The people of Earth have no feelings for one another. If they would just get along and work together, all of the problems would be fixed. Sadly, they cannot do that.