This is my entry for the September Writing Challenge Contest for the Review Game.

Edited: November 19th, 2009

Prompt: "For many are called, but few are chosen."

Matthew 22:14

Raindrops splattered on the glass, each racing to be the first to the bottom of the windowsill. To Beka, they sounded like the ringing of swords, the pounding of horses' hooves, and the screeches of nazguls from the book on her lap. It's cover rested open to page six hundred seventy-three on her lap, where she had stopped reading and let her eyes close. No lights were on in her room; the glow from the buzzing nightlife of the city was enough to read by as Beka dozed in her armchair beneath the window.

A car drove by, honking as it passed. Beka frowned in her sleep, her splayed yellow hair shifting at the movement. To her, the noise of the car was the battle cry of an orc. A rush of wheels over soaked streets was the whirl of a Morningstar, and the constant flash of the neon sign reading "Open Late" across the street was the sun stepping in and out of shadow as winged creatures flew through the skies.

She climbed a volcano as she lay with her arm over the title page. She rode in the air as people left home to work the nightshift. She fought battles, made peace, and fell into fairytale love all in the same instant because who's to say you can't be all of the characters all at once if you choose to?

Turning to hide her face from the city lights, Beka smiled to herself. She knew she was lucky. Because while many people got to read of adventures of far away and imaginary places, she could actually live them.