This is MINE, so don't try to steal it. The first four lines mean a lot to me, it was the first poem [thingy] that I ever wrote, but I never added anything onto it.


You're living in a dream world

Where the skies are always blue

And the grass is always green

But don't you realize it will never really be true?


Falling out of place

Breaking up your finds

Taking deep breaths

And closing your own mind


Just focus on me

I will lead you to the light

You don't know what you'll see

Bringing back your sight


Don't think this will be fun

It's out of your hands now

Just follow the sun

When there is no place left to run


With every life there's happiness

And a whole lot of fear

You have to go now

But know, that I will always be near



My college age sister wanted it to be

"Just follow the sun

When there's no place left to run from the plow truck"…but I didn't know she had been smoking at the time, so I went with the first one.