crushing life
i realize the sky is getting
heavier and its getting a little
closer to suitcases and
mars rovers
because I can barely breathe
under all this leftover need.

i won't tell anybody
where i'm going
because i'll probably leave again
there is nowhere that you aren't
and this weightlessness,
it feels like you,
crushing my heart.

so just when it starts to beat again
it starts to hurt to breathe again
under the delusion i'm in
mistaking the way you wanted me
for loving me
mistaking the way you needed me,
for wanting me.

i was a fool to think it could ever end so well
i would have given up everything for you,
i didn't realize i really did give up everything
when i gave up on you

but really its liberating to have nothing left
but the idea that you have nothing left to lose.