I wrote this because I met my godparents the other day. I adored their sons. They are so sweet! The kind of guys you want your daughter dating. I did not, however, fall for any of them. I've changed names, because I'm stealing the idea of a girl meeting her godparents and meeting their sons, not writing a biography. Or autobiography, depending on what you mean.

Eva stepped out of the car and gazed at the line of boys shoving and pushing to see her from the front window. Her parents hustled her forward to meet her godparents. Eva shot them a dirty look. She eyed the boys out of the corner of her eye. There were seven of them, ranging from age two to ninteen, all her godparent's biological children. Her godmother went over and threw her arms around Eva.

"Oh, darling, it's so nice to have you!" she cooed.

Eva nodded and smiled. Her godfather hugged her too, and then led her into the house. Her parents followed. Eva glanced back at them desperately. Her godfather led her into the front room. He picked out a stocky man, about five and a half feet tall, and said proudly, "This is Stephen!"

Eva smiled and nodded, but she was shocked. She remembered this guy from when he was two. Her godmother grabbed a tall, lanky boy with marmalade-colored hair and piped up, "And this is Augustin! He's seventeen, a year older than you are!" Eva looked into his blue eyes and was afraid. She didn't smile again until the rest of the boys were introduced.

Her mother had been conferring with her godmother. Eva stared at the boys and realized with dismay that she would be living here for the next six months, with six home-schooled boys. Her sisters and brother would be going with her parents to China, but she was in the middle of a legal battle over whether or not her genius status was enough to let her live alone when she went to college next month. She would take her courses over the net until she could attend properly. She couldn't leave the States. "Oh, damn," she said under her breath, turning toward the window.


The next day, Eva sat in the bedroom her godparents had given her, singing softly to the baby. The child was asleep when a low voice from the doorway said softly, "I can take him if you want."

Eva's head snapped up and her eyes widened with fear. Augustin smiled disarmingly and reached for the little boy. Eva let him take the baby. "Thanks," she mumbled, backing up.

Augustin kissed the baby on the forehead and answered, "Anytime." He hesitated and then asked, "So, you're some kind of genius, right?"


"Anyway, I came to ask if you wanted to come to the park. I'm taking my brothers and..." He shrugged.

Eva nodded quickly and watched him leave.


Eva watched as four boys, ages six to fifteen, scattered across the playground and the surrounding park. After a moment, she headed for the swings. She was swinging when Augustin came up to her and remarked, "You're comfortable with my brothers."

"Yes," she said, not looking at him. She was still scared of him.

"Do you remember me?" he asked abruptly.

She turned and met his startlingly blue eyes. "Yes."