Okay. Eva swears in this chapter. In Japanese and in English. On a lesser note, I wish I'd started using Italian instead of Japanese for Eva. I don't mind Japanese people, but their language is murder on my vocabulary. I actually speak Spanish and basic French, so I understand Italian. Plus, swearing sounds cool in the Latinian languages. Especially telling people to kiss scarlet baboon butts. Yes, I have done that. I wasn't actually that mad, hence, scarlet baboon butts.

Oh, and an explanation of Jake's reactions is included at the end.

Actually, can anyone help me write a story in Spanish? I translate from Spanish, but not to it, and I want to write one in Spanish.

Augustine opened Eva's door without waiting for an answer and nodded his friend in. She barely glanced at them, only slipping off her headphones in response. Augustine slipped one arm around her and tugged her into a sitting position. "Eva, sourumeito, I brought someone to meet you."

She sighed and let him push her into sitting by herself. "Aye, koibito, I noticed."

Augustine glanced at his friend. "Jake, this is Evangeline. Eva, Jacob." A small smile played across his lips as he offered, "He speaks Japanese and German."

She fluttered her fingers at him in greeting and addressed Augustine sternly. "I told you, I don't care to meet your friends. It isn't cheering me up. They're nice enough, but not a replacement."

Augustine looked at Jake. The older boy nodded, giving his permission. "Jake's a little different, sourumeito."

"That's nice."

"He's your cousin."

"What the hell?"

"He came three months ago, sourumeito, but since you were moping, suicidal, depresses, etcetera, he decided to hold off visiting for a few months."

"Seiko! Fuck!"

Augustine laughed and Jake said wryly, "Your parents and mine would be turning in their graves to hear you talk like that."

She stood and inspected him. "Jacob. My Aunt Christine?"


Jacob turned to Augustine and asked, "Soulmate?"

He shrugged. "It's true."

Jacob nodded reflectively. "We'll talk later, my friend."

"Suki desu ka? Watashi wa, sono tango wo shiyō suru baai wa da to omo~tsu ta." (A/N: In short, "Why are you calling him 'lover'?)

Eva shrugged.

Augustine flopped onto the bed and said in satisfaction, "I told you she would react like this."

"You did," Jake agreed.

"Excuse me, boys, but I'm still in the room."

Jake laughed and hugged her suddenly. She stiffened. He smiled into her hair and whispered in her ear, "Je bent niet hebben gekregen over je angst voor aanraken, heb je, mijn neef?" You're haven't gotten over your fear of touching, have you, my cousin?

"Don't speak in German," Augustine scolded. "I like understanding the conversation."

Jake releases Eva and said with a chuckle, "It wasn't German. It was Dutch. That same statement in German would be 'Du bist noch nicht über Ihre Furcht vor der Berührung gekommen, haben Sie, mein Vetter?'"

Eva mumbled something under her breath that sounded suspiciously like, "I hate Dutch."

"Nonsense, Evie, you don't hate Dutch. You don't speak Dutch."

"I understand it, don't I?" she said. A minute later, she continued with, "Hontōni watashi no oba no musuko sa re te i nai mesu ken no basutādono musuko ga , aku no eirian watashi no itoko ni misekake ta." (See the last line. It's ruder than he says, though.)

"It was a mistake to teach you Japanese."

"You speak Japanese?" Augustine blurted.

"Enough to cuss someone out and make small talk," she answered, glaring at her cousin.

"What did you say?"

"She accused me of being the bastard son of an alien who was masquerading as her cousin."

Okay, so, Jake reacts oddly to their nicknames because 'koibito' means sweetheart, yes, but it also means lover. 'Sourumeito' means soulmate. Google Translate rocks!