Not about.

Sometimes you say you don't get me,
sometimes you say my words are weird,
actually I'm not saying anything, you know,
I should say you the same things, you know

I don't even know you, I mean, I know you,
I can say hi to you and smile to you, but
I can't say what you're thinking right now.

We always say silly things to each other,
we know completely and perfectly, but
there's always a silence that need to be filled
with some sincere noise from our sealed lips.

Oh, girl, you're so fucking mysterious and curious,
I never find you near or far, you're just lost,
maybe I should call you, but I wanna give you the chance:

Call me friend cos I'm your friend though it's hard to believe,
I wasn't there when you broke yourself into the tears, but
I'll be there when you want to talk about youserlf sincerely
from your heart…

I'll be listening every piece of you.